Three Ways to Make A Hanging Basket Container Last All Summer

Indoor Plants – Tips For Preventing Disease

Incorporating plants into the theme of your room is generally an easy and rewarding task. The results of your efforts when decorating with plants are an immediate change to the atmosphere of the room. Large or small, flowers or leafy, indoor plants can add beauty and warmth to any room.

Wildflower Garden – Must Have Tips For Success

The thought of a wild flower garden sparks a vision of color and fragrance on a warm summer day. Most wildflowers are easy to grow and can survive in their native climates quite easily. If you are thinking of planting a wild flower garden there are tips you should consider before you plant.

Deer Repellant Recipe to Use in Garden Sprayer

A garden sprayer can be used for many things. One of those things is for spraying repellants for animals that are eating your plants. There are natural recipes that you can use to repel animals. This is one for repelling deer.

A Mantis Tiller – Choose One That Is Right For You

Once you have decided to buy a garden tiller, you then have to decide which is the right one for you. And there are many to chose from. But you will be spoiled for choice once you take a look at the range of Mantis Tillers. Mantis are so confident in their range of garden tillers they are prepared to give a one year money back guarantee, plus a 5 year warranty on all of them. That alone speaks volumes for the quality of this range of Mantis tillers.

Organic Matter – A Crucial Component To Soil

A major component of healthy soils is organic matter. High organic matter will sustain lots of life and also help with drainage and drought tolerance. High organic matter is great for drought tolerance, supporting chemical reactions, and for supporting life of worms, beneficial insects, and microbes. High organic matter is also important in fighting off erosion.

Mulching Mowers – Robotic Lawn Mowers Provide Eco-Friendly Mulching to Help Your Lawn Grow Green

Most of us have heard about the importance of mulching our lawn to keep it lush, healthy, and green. Mulching your own grass clippings will save you both time and money as you use less water and fertilizer, and there is no need to rake clippings from your lawn. Robotic lawn mowers are a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional mulching mowers which tend to be heavy and use more energy than standard mowers. The built-in mulching action of robotic lawn mowers contributes to your lawn’s health and beauty in an environmentally friendly manner.

Garden Pottery: Making the Right Choice for Your Home Garden

Garden Pottery Products are very good for home gardening. This is a great way to add style and beautify your garden. It gives your environment a very classy look and leaves your surroundings looking beautiful.

LED Grow Lights – The Future of Hydroponics Systems

With the vast array of options available to buyers of Hydroponics systems. Growers want to own a system that is not only inexpensive but also efficient enough to aid the optimum growth and return of investment. Could LED growing lights be the answer to everyone’s problems?

Don’t Kill Snails – The Teachings Of A Snail To A Child

Why are snails so bad? They are living their lives happily, and because they’re eating our cabbages we hate their very souls. Strange, isn’t it? Perhaps we’ve forgotten something fundamental.

Heat Up Your Container Garden With Hot Peppers

Hot peppers seem to be a favorite among many gardeners – almost as popular as tomatoes and with fans just as dedicated. Each year gardeners try to outdo each other by growing the hottest pepper in the world, or at least on their block. These blisteringly hot creations can make pepper spray seem tame. Whether you’re looking for something as hot as the sun or just a little heat to add to your food, hot peppers are just the thing.

Raised Bed Garden Soil – Clay and Compost

There is a lot of debate on what the best soil for a raised garden bed should be. Organic gardeners make their own soil by improving the soil they have. When clay and compost are mixed together, it has the ability to be the best soil you will ever have.

Summer Care for the Roses

The heat of summer can be considered great for kids playing out in the sun and to go and splash in the beach or pool; but it definitely brings havoc on your rose garden if you don’t know the steps in caring for roses properly. Proper caring for roses mean that they’ll be always around giving you the fresh cut blossoms indoors or you can leave the blooming ones outdoors.

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