Time for a Backyard Makeover!

Most Common Organic Mulches

Most gardeners know they should mulch, but not all of us know what material we should use to mulch. There are many options out there and each one has its own pros and cons. In this article, I will discuss some of the most widely used mulches and the major benefit of each type.

Orchid Growing Techniques

There is nothing more charming than the look of orchids hanging in your tree at your garden. The flowers that orchids give have a different effect compared to those produced by land plants. However, before you can actually enjoy the beauty of orchids, you need to go through the tedious yet rewarding effort of growing them. For beginners, here is a list of do’s and don’ts of orchid growing.

Grow A Healthy Garden This Spring

It might be the middle of winter, but smart gardeners everywhere will be planning how to grow a healthy spring garden to be proud of. In this article, we look at the steps you need to prepare for spring using home-tested methods and equipment easily bought from online garden centres in the UK.

Gardening To Save

Growing fresh fruits and vegetables may seem like a daunting task but the rewards far outweigh any minor physical exertion. In order to have a successful garden you’ll need practice and a bit of patience and with time you will be enjoying the marvelous benefits of fresh organic produce. When you grow your own organic produce the first thing you realize is that the flavor is more rich and invigorating, it doesn’t taste like anything you could buy at the supermarket that’s for sure.

LED Grow Lights – New Technology in LEDs

LED grow lights are extremely important for growing plants indoor. But you can find some improvement in technology to utilize this option in a better way.

How to Grow Swiss Chard for Your Kitchen Use

Swiss Chard (Beta vulgaris cicla) is also known as silver beet, perpetual spinach, spinach beet, crab beet, sea kale beet, and man gold. Originated from the Mediterranean region, this plant tolerates in cold to sub-tropical climates. Swiss Chard and the other beets are chenopods, which belongs to the family Chenopodiaceae or a subfamily of the Amaranthaceae. They are a hardy biennial grown as an annual type which grows in partly shade or under full sunlight in a well-drained soil condition.

Choosing The Right Fertilizer

Fertilizer is very important for your plants to be healthy. There are many fertilizers which you can have for your plants. You just have to pick the right one for you to have the best garden in town.

Get Results With LED Grow Lights for Indoor Gardens

LED grow lights are quickly becoming a popular choice for indoor growing. With improvements constantly being made to the technology, LED grow lights are an excellent lighting choice for hydroponics, aquaponics and other indoor gardens.

Growing a Grape Vine – The Basics

When you choose to invest your time and effort in growing grapes, one facet that you need to focus on is the source of the fruits itself which is the grapevine. Just like any fruit out there, the process of growing a grape vine should be carefully researched and analyzed before you jump right into it.

An Introduction to Wind Chimes

Wind chimes have moved on a long way since man (or woman?) first strung some random items together and hung them up to bang against each other and make some sort of noise. A modern, quality wind chime is crafted using a scientific approach in order to achieve the most melodic and harmonious sounds. The placement of each pipe is dependent upon where it will vibrate most when struck by the clapper, which is why the lengths and placements of a set of chimes may appear to have been put together in a random fashion. That part of the pipe which resonates with a clearer, truer sound is known as the “anti-node” and generally occurs at each end as well as in the centre.

The Benefits of Growing Herbs in Pots

Everyone seems so captivated with the idea of growing herbs. And why not, right? These plants can offer wondrous benefits and there can be various ways to grow herbs and if you think your space can’t accommodate, apply a little creativity now in growing herbs in pots.

Basic Tomato Growing Tips

When it comes to tomato growing, gardeners should be aware of some of the factors if they want to have success with their tomatoes. If you think that easy to grow tomatoes then you’re wrong. It’s not that easy as you think it is.

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