Time To Dress The Urns for Winter!

Cadix Grandelight Planters

If you’re looking to replace a few old or broken planters this spring, then you should consider Cadix Grandelight planters. They come in a range of traditional and contemporary designs, and the innovative Grandelight material means they are beautiful, strong and lightweight.

Tips for Choosing the Best Orchid Pots for Your Plants

There are three orchid pots that orchid growers commonly use, and these are plastic pots, clay or terra cotta and baskets. Each of these pots has its own advantages and disadvantages-let’s talk about that so you can decide what you want to use for your orchids.

Plants for Dry Places and Busy People!

The hot dry places in gardens are never the easiest places to plant and keep looking good in the garden. Choosing plants for these spots generally means choosing those that have come from the drier countries of the planet. Cacti come under that label, and are found in many interesting shapes and sizes.

The Green In Me

Playing the addicting game of Alice Greenfingers or Ranch Rush on your Laptop or personal computer may cause you to do the things they do in the game. Planting flowers, fruits, vegetables or trees may be of your interest and may seem very exciting as of the moment. As you plant a seed, you water it, you allow the sun to shines its ray on your plant, and you don’t allow any animal or insect to pest around your garden. One day, as you walk pass your garden; you see a tiny ray of hope for the seed you planted as it grows a few inches. Days turned to weeks and boom! Your patient waiting for your plant to grow has finally come to an end, but if it is a tree then it is another story.

Aquaponic Garden – Reasons Why You Should Try Aquaponic Gardening

Since the beginning of time, man has known the tedious ways of gardening (until the aquaponic garden that is). From toiling in the hot sun, to dealing with pesky weeds, to having to shew off animals and protect insects, gardening can be both a rewarding and frustrating task. This is not to mention the chemicals you must use and the resources that you waste.

Advantages To Growing Your Own Herbs

Raising your own natural herbs have its own advantages. You discover how nice it is to raise your very own natural herbs with your first harvest. Many people never stop growing them after they start.

Sir Walter Weed Control and How To Care for Your Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn

Sir Walter Weed Control can be carried out effectively if the Lawn Carer understands some basics of Lawn Turf Grasses and available Lawn Care products. SW, Australia’s most popular and best selling Buffalo Turf grass, is highly regarded as a recreational (warm season) turf grass not just for its aesthetic good looks but also for its high tolerance of herbicides registered for the control of broadleaf and other weeds. Sir Walter is one of around 10-12 Buffalo varieties on the market in Australia. Of these Buffalo grasses (also known as St Augustine grass in North America), there are three (3) varieties known as the ST group (including ST26, ST85 and ST91) that are well known for not tolerating herbicides registered for use on Buffalo turf. The effect on these grasses after being sprayed with the herbicide containing Bromoxynil (the active constituent registered for the safe and effective control of clover, bindii, dandelions, etc in Buffalo) is severe leaf damage and complete death of affected stolons (runners).

The Herb Container Garden

Every home needs a kitchen garden, even if you don’t have room to grow vegetables you can grow some of the worlds most useful plants, herbs. You can plant them right in your garden or in containers as long as they have about 6 hours of sun. Set them at different heights, make it comfortable for you to manage.

Hanging Basket Plants

Hanging Baskets are usually hung from buildings where there is not enough garden space. They are used for growing decorative plants and flowers.

Aeroponics Systems – What Are They? Learn More Here

Aeroponics systems use 100% humidified AIR, instead of soil or water, as the growing medium to cultivate plant life. Aeroponics systems are fun, simple and easy to maintain. They are universally considered to be an ecological and economically friendly method for producing healthy, natural plants and crops.

How to Create Your Own Butterfly Garden

We are about to take a look at the fundamentals of how to create a garden that is ideal for butterflies. You should plan your garden with the objective of attracting butterflies, making them stay in your garden, and creating an environment that is favorable in order for them to breed. To begin with, you have to select a number of plants that will produce nectar for the butterflies and will hopefully supply endless blooms throughout the summer season.

Intensive Organic Gardening – A Lazy Way to Grow More in Your Garden

How to double the growing area of your garden. This largely forgotten old-world strategy improves the soil while producing far more nutritious vegetables organically.

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