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Teenagers and Yard Work

How many times can you remember back to when you were growing up and the piles of leaves were just an invite to jump in? Now, it is rare to see a child or even a teenager jump in a pile of leave. Is it because we have become more self conscience of injuries and do not want them to get hurt or is because they are growing in a safer world and know not to jump in so they do not risk being hurt?

Simple Ideas For Springtime

There are always ways to make springtime clean up a little easier. You have to try and find them. Let’s see if we can mention a few things here that maybe new to you. If they are then you will have a few things to try this springtime when it comes time to cleaning up your yard.

Plant Selection For Your Garden

Plant selection is very important step in Gardening and you should be very selective. If you are starting small garden, you have to limit yourself to a handful of plants. Keep the variety of plants limited. Take a walk around a couple of garden centers and read the plant labels.

The Simplest Tools For Springtime

Every time you start your spring cleanup you always say to yourself you are going to find easier ways and last year you did. As you were going through the winter you were trying to find more ways to help the environment. You wanted to be able to have the items available in time since you were going to be preparing your gardens and completing your yard work soon.

How Sweet! Alice Or Alyssum?

This hardy perennial is a favorite worldwide. Some call it Sweet Alyssum, others Sweet Alice. A ground cover that comes into its own on cliffs and beachside gardens. Coming from the seaside cliffs of the Mediterranean, its genetic disposition allows it to cope with the sometimes-turbulent weather in coastal positions. It is very happy growing on a sunny wall or rockery, growing over paths or driveways.

A Wooden Porch Swing is a Fantastic Addition to Your Garden

For those summer months a wooden porch swing can make such a difference to the enjoyment of your garden. If you are considering investing in a wood porch swing then read on to find out how to make your choice.

The Benefits of an Attached Greenhouse Or a Lean-To Greenhouse

Producing plants in a greenhouse is not the same to outdoor gardening by many factors. The greenhouse temperature outdoors is uncontrollable but the greenhouse temperature in a greenhouse can be contained within the perfect perimeters of the type of plant you wish to produce. In fact, when gardening outside there needs to be a lower temperature and more humidity than indoor growth to survive.

Ways How Planting a Garden Can Relieve Stress

Science has proved that stress, one of today’s most lethal enemies, can be eliminated by having plants and tending them. You’ll find there are sides of you you didn’t even know existed and you will learn a lot about loving and caring, all by tending those little green ones (plants, not aliens).

How to Eradicate Bindweed From Your Garden

Bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis) is a herbaceous plant (dies down each winter) that has white (sometimes pink) flowers and white fleshy roots. It is often seen in areas of waste ground and on neglected allotment sites.

Organic Lawn Care – Soil is Key to a Healthy Lawn

Natural or organic, more home owners want to practice environment friendly lawn care. It is all about soil, and how to benefit from the natural biology of the soil to produce healthy plant life. Let nature do it’s work for you and provide you with a healthy soil structure that will benefit your lawn, feed the soil and not your lawn.

How to Make Two Simple Hydroponic Systems For Growing Tomatoes

Many people think that hydroponic tomato growing is too complex and expensive and only very experienced gardeners should attempt it. I’m here to tell you that is not the case and with the proper instruction it is no more difficult than regular container planting. I’ll show you how the average gardener can make their own systems very quickly and cheaply.

Building a Dream Stream Garden

Gardens will look better having a dream stream. This will create a real nature feel from our home gardens.

Is it Time For a Twin Tumbler? Answers in This Mantis Compost Twin Review

The present condition of our Mother Nature calls for its inhabitants to address environmental concerns by taking steps towards a greener lifestyle. Composting is one such solution. As technology progress, the method of composting is reaching a new frontier with the advent of double chamber design compost bins.

What Can You Do About Gardening in a Limited Space?

If you have limited space, you can still have a garden. Learn what some of the most practical options are to garden this way.

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