Top 5 Garden Tools

Growing Eggplant And Herbs

This plant is sometimes called eggplant due to the white, egg shaped fruit produced by some varieties. The eggplant is an extremely versatile vegetable and is widely used in Mediterranean cooking. Eggplants are related to tomatoes, and are just as easy to grow. However, they do need long growing season to get reliable crops. This means sowing in late winter in a propagator set to 21 degree Celsius. Soak the eggplant seeds overnight before sowing. Prick out seedlings individually as soon as they are large enough to handle, and then grow them on at a temperature of 16 degree Celsius.

The Number One Way To Build A Gardening Bed

Ready to start gardening, but unsure of how to build a gardening bed? There are several ways to do it, but this article teaches one of the easiest and low-cost ways to make a new garden bed.

5 Steps to Planning Your Dream Garden

Gardening has always been considered as one of the most fulfilling and relaxing hobbies. This is because it allows you to create your dream garden right outside your home using the plants that you want and an overall design that suits your taste and style.

Orchids to Buy

This article deals with some tips and guidelines you should definitely take into account before purchasing your beautiful orchid plant. It is surely convenient for every orchid buyer to bring home an orchid that offers a certain guarantee to grow healthy and last for a long time.

Aquaponics – A Healthy Sustainable Environment

Aquaponics is a system of cultivating plants and aquatic animals simultaneously, and is another method of organic gardening that is getting a lot of recognition from the home gardener. Berries, flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables all can be grown by this method, along with being done at any scale, from a small container garden to a full size commercial farm. They uniqueness of this type of gardening is that it can be done indoors or outside, and at any scale.

Growing Other Greenhouse Crops

Many other crops, including aborigines, melons, salad vegetables and herbs, can be grown in a green house. Combine crops that need a similar environment for the best results. For lettuce, sow seed in trays from late winter to early spring at 13 degree Celsius. Prick out when the seedlings are large enough to handle into individual pots. Plant out in the border or growing bags, old ones used for a previous crop of tomatoes are ideal, spacing them six inches apart in the border and planting 12 to a standard growing bag. Lettuces grow relatively quickly and will be ready from 5 to 12 weeks after sowing, depending on the variety.

How To Build A New Gardening Bed

To a new gardener, creating a new garden bed can seem like a lot of time, effort and expense. And it can be, depending on the method you choose. But building a gardening bed can-and should-be relatively easy and economical. Here is how to start a successful garden, no matter how hostile to growing food the native soil may be.

Essential Guidelines On How To Nurture Indoor Plants

Plants currently have always been regarded as by far the most gorgeous items on the earth. You feed them together some times from happy and at points during the precise despair. They have been individual matter of poets as well as cartoonists for hundreds of years, and even for good rationale. Yet, to the among us who? re wedding flower fanatics, the times of year transform, are considering returning having to do with the cold season we all send kind regards with their skincare. A lot of us avoid that there is several flowering houseplants may possibly fill up your current the winter season nights because of incredible natural elegance.

Christmas Boxes

Just like the glass terrariums, it may be simple but filling it with some ornaments like ribbons, silver bells, miniature nativities and some colorful penlights could me dazzling. Glass terrariums have some options to either hang or attached on walls.

Herb Garden Plants to Enhance Your Landscape and So Much More

When you hear the phrase, Herb Garden Plants, what comes to mind? Do you see witches casting spells, a small bottle of a magical potion, or an amulet containing herbs? Do you see a medicine man or monk with their assortment of herbs for healing? Do you see an old farmhouse with bundles of herbs hanging from the rafters and drying?

Five Tips on Orchid Pruning

Although orchid pruning is not a difficult task there are some factors that you must consider before you pick up your pruning shears. The first thing to consider is the appropriate time when you should be pruning your plant.

Save Water, Save Money, Save The Planet – Tap Security

We are all familiar with the saying save the planet, save water, perhaps the correct saying should be save money, save water, save the planet. In today’s economic climate it is often very difficult to keep in mind the green issues that impact us all on a daily basis; we are all well aware of methods of saving water such as…

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