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How to Make Fertilizer

My grandmother ran a greenhouse until I was about 18, and I learned a lot about modern growing methods. Every summer and after school the rest of the year, we spent time at her house so that my mother could help her. We learned how to make dirt, a phrase that continues to confuse my West Coast family. They wanted to know why you would want to make what already existed.

The Various Uses of the Garden Room

Dads don’t have larders; they have sheds. Expressions of their own comfortable kingdoms, tucked safely away from the women and the children, where their need for peace and quiet can be fulfilled.

Indoor Herb Gardening – Toward a Green and Healthy Living

Indoor herb gardening is among the easiest type of gardening someone can begin on fairly quickly. It require less space, much less tools, much less budget and much less headache. But, that doesn’t means it need much less skills and knowledge. Equip with the right knowledge, you too could developed your own flavourful herbal garden indoor in 7 days or much less.

Worm Compost Bins – Choosing One

Handmade or pre-made, which one is for you? When picking out a worm bin keep in mind money and ease.

When to Plant Roses to Get the Most Beautiful Fragrant Roses

The spring right after the cold frost of winter is when to plant roses. If you live in a particularly hot climate then to avoid scorching the rose plants it’s best to plant after July. If you purchase a mature two year old plant rather then a one year old and plant it in the spring which is the blooming season for roses it will be blooming right away provided it is planted correctly.

What You Need to Know For Successful Rose Bush Care

Growing roses in your garden can be a rewarding experience. All you need is a little bit of gardening know how. The more you understand about the care and nurturing of roses the more successful you will be as a rose gardener. There are three essentials that roses need: sun, air and water. Well maybe a little fertilizer and rose bush care will help too.

Gardening Your Way to a Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit

The Three Facets of Health Being healthy is not just having a healthy body. Being healthy includes having a healthy mind, healthy body, and a healthy spirit. It takes all three to be a truly healthy person.

Desert Gardens

If you live in the a desert climate you need to do research on what kind of garden plants and hardscape does best in your area. Don’t look at the garden magazines made for areas with plenty of water.

7 “Must-Have” Herbs to Grow in Your Garden

These seven herbs are a must-have in every herb garden, whether grown indoors or outdoors. Each of the seven herbs has a variety of reasons for its use, as explained in this article.

Mow and Blow Or Intentional Trimming

I know that a lot of people like their landscape bushes well trimmed. But it is hard on the plant and it doesn’t allow the plant to bloom.

Is a Portable Greenhouse Better Than a Cold Frame?

Many beginning gardeners have been told to start their seeds in a cold frame. Our suggestion is to forego the cold frame in favor of a portable greenhouse. There are many advantages to a small greenhouse that a hotbed cannot provide.

Soil Preparation For Planting

Preparation for planting the tree actually starts at least a month in advance that is if you are interested in growing healthy plants. Soil needs to settle well. If the quality of the soil is not good enough you will need to add organic matter and nutrients to improve the quality of the soil. The humus requires time to break down and the nutrients too need to be released well into the soil.

Organic Gardening at Home

Want to do some organic gardening at home? Read through this article on how to get started!

Worm Composting – Top 3 Tips

Have you noticed your worms dying in your worm compost? Do you have bugs flying around it? If so, check these tips out.

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