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Raised Bed Gardening – A Great Way to Grow

Raised bed gardening is not only attractive, it is a great way to plant. Find out how to get the most from your garden by planting a raised bed garden.

What Are the Benefits of Having an Indoor Hydroponic Garden?

It seems like indoor hydroponic gardening is becoming the new hype. Why is this? What are the benefits?

Raised Garden Beds For Ease in Gardening

Garden beds that are raised add a new concept to the experience of gardening. These beds are raised mainly to be useful for the gardener that has a limited space for gardening, and is easy to reach for the disabled, those with arthritis, and the elderly.

An Orchard of Blueberry Plants

An orchard of blueberry bushes that is planted in your garden gives you the privilege of enjoying a beneficial fruit all summer long. The only problem with having your own orchard is the birds will also enjoy eating the blueberries, so the best protection of your bushes is netting.

A Simple Composting Guide Just For You

By now you should’ve heard of the term composting. In this eco-friendly age it would be a shame if you have not yet. Either way, I am going to introduce you to this resourceful way to be a good citizen.

Organic Rose Gardening – Chemical Or Nonchemical Fertilizers?

When it comes to organic rose gardening, deciding on a chemical or nonchemical fertilizer is each gardener’s choice. Those who participate in organic gardening may use either option, and the methods for using those fertilizers that will best suit their overall style of gardening. Organic gardening is based on balance and using nonchemical ways of keeping a garden healthy.

How to Grow the Perfect Tomato

It is possible to grow the perfect tomato! Just follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to a bountiful tomato crop.

Cultivate Potted Ornamental Plants Guiding Principles

Gardening is not just for people who are gifted with a green thumb, people with brown thumb can also do gardening by doing properly these simple guiding principles to cultivate potted ornamentals. Gardening is a hobby that many people worldwide do enjoy. For them it’s an excellent way to release stress and be at peace.

Indoor Herb Garden – Secrets to Growing Herbs Indoors

Can herbs thrive in an indoor herb garden? Certainly. Growing your culinary herbs indoors, in or near the kitchen, is easier than you may think, and provides some advantages over an outdoor herb garden. The same simple rules apply to an indoor herb garden as to growing herbs outdoors.

Garden Year Round With a Hydroponics Garden

A hydroponics garden is the way to go if you’re looking to grow your own organic veggies year round no matter where you live. If you’re like me and have chosen to live in a place that gets ridiculously cold for four months out of the year, your gardening options are somewhat restricted. One day I got tired of paying through the nose for organic produce and being forced to deal with bad selections and sub par quality and looked into growing year round with hydroponics and I have never gone back!

This Green Tomato Worm is Doomed

The tomato worm can literally destroy your tomato plants if you don’t watch for him. He created havoc with mine, but, I think they will survive.

How to Use Coffee Grounds For Shinier Foliage, Stronger Plants and Heavier Harvests

Coffee grounds for plants make great fertilizer. They can be added to existing or new garden beds or mixed in compost piles. Coffee grounds for plants are nutrient dense adding…

How Does the Topsy-Turvy Tomato Planter Hold Up Under Scrutiny?

As I studied the responses to this new upside down tomato planter, I found that some loved it and others hated it. In this article I will explore and discuss the different viewpoints from customers that actually tried to use this method to grow tomatoes.

Types of Fences For Your Yard

Interested in fencing in your yard? There are many different fencing options that may work for your home if you know what you are looking for. One of the first things to consider is whether you desire a fence for visual appeal or practical function.

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