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Urban Gardening – Is This Hundreds of Years Old Practice Going to Come Back?

Gardening is a practice that many have done for hundreds of years. When faced with recessions, depressions, lack of credit, and lack of jobs, the urban family garden has it’s place as a resource to rely upon.

Vital Tips For Designing and Creating Fascinating Fun Gardens

Oftentimes we come across people who have expressed their desire to have gardens and grow beautiful plants and flowers but they are unable to create one for lack of adequate space. This is truer in cities and urban space-challenged areas, where people live in apartments and flats and they do not have the luxury of having exclusive gardens.

Growing Cilantro – How to Preserve Your Cilantro

Read about growing and using cilantro from a backyard gardener. Not only do I grow cilantro but I love to eat it too.

Growing Orchids in Dim Spaces

An orchid like any other plant has different lighting requirements depending on its species. If you want to grow an orchid in dim lighting conditions but are worried how well your plant will survive. Well, thanks to technology an orchid light or grow light may be the perfect solution.

Benefits of a Solar Fountain

Placing a solar fountain in your lawn will provide immense benefits to you. Most of the people must be having a big or small sized fountain. So, it is a good idea to have one in your garden or surroundings too. Besides providing attractive looks, you can improve your living standards as well.

Passion Blossoms Can Include Fragrance and Elegance

The summer time is in complete swing and also the lawn in complete bloom, now is really an excellent time to take a stroll close to the home and choose what places from the house might be spruced up a little. Numerous house goods shops are cutting back costs on their assortment of perennial and annual blossoms and shrubs. Now may be the ideal time to fill in dreary spots within the lawn and close to the garage doors with affordable and lovely flowering plants.

No Fruit on Your Fruit Tree?

If your fruit tree is not producing fruits, then do not worry. Some fruit trees take years to bear flowers and even longer to give you a real crop of fruits. If there are no fruits on your fruit tree, read through the following to understand why your tree is not producing any fruit:

Tips For Growing More Vegetables in Your Vegetable Garden

Usually a vegetable garden has limited space and people look to plant a variety of vegetables that they can be harvested throughout the growing season. While harvest can be extended for nearly vegetables, you will be required to do a little bit of pre-planning to ensure that you get more vegetables from your vegetable garden.

Spring Blooming Bulbs For Warmer Climates

If you have a flower bulb, then you should know that it will definitely need a period of dormancy where it can rest and recover its energy. Also, majority of the bulbs that bloom in spring need what is known as a chilling period where they can get out of dormancy. In colder places, the chilling period is achieved by keeping the bulbs in the ground during winter. However, in warmer climates, this is not possible as winter is out of the question.

Growing the Herb Borage

Borage is an annual plant that has the taste of cucumbers and produces bright blue star-shaped flowers and leaves. Although it is believed to be a herb, most people grow it as a vegetable, especially to attract bees to their vegetable garden for pollinating.

How and When to Prune Roses

Pruning your rose bushes is good for the bushes. While it will take you some time to master the art of pruning your roses, it is quite difficult to kill roses with bad or poor pruning. So, it is better that you make an effort to prune your roses rather than letting them grow wild.

Grow Your Own Herbs at Home

If you grow your herbs at home you have greater advantage as home-grown herbs cost less, are nutritious, and they taste better! Herbs are becoming a necessity today – in cooking and for alternative remedies for illness. You can grow your own herb garden and easily harvest your herbs right in your own home or in your backyard.

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