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Avoid Orchid Issues With Simple Remedies

The common problems associated with orchids can be easily overcome. Includes tips on best placement, temperature range, watering, fertilizing and pruning.

Technique And Procedure For Re-Potting Orchids

An overview of the correct potting procedure for orchids. This includes type of potting media, equipment and potting technique.

Yellow Orchid Leaves! Could This Mean Trouble?

An investigation into the possible causes of orchid leaves turning yellow. Is it old age creeping in or could it be more sinister?

How To Propagate Orchids

An overview of orchid propagation. This includes species with and without pseudobulbs, stem cutting and tuber dividing.

6 Top Tips for Tomato Growing Success

Introduction to tomato growing, covering the basic benefits of various varieties. Reveals insights on establishing your own co-op. Explores the importance of proper planting times and plant spacing. Yields instructive and actionable information for supporting your plants as they grow. Notes the soil qualities that will all but ensure your success.

Container Vegetable Gardening – 3 Reasons To Try It

Why is it that we still have those among us who want to do some gardening but have all these excuses why they just can’t. Well I am not going to talk excuses nor do platitudes just instead give you 3 good reasons why you can do this. Vegetable Container gardening is for all of us there are no insurmountable obstacles to success.

4 Ideas for a Romantic Garden Wedding

If you have a beautiful garden, patio or pergola in your backyard, then it is no surprise that you might be thinking of having your wedding at home. Having a wedding at home brings a level of intimacy and comfort to this special day that no other venue can match. Imagine being able to walk down the aisle and say your vows in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by the beauty of your own garden.

How Should I Water My Orchids and How Often?

The watering requirements for orchids will depend on several factors. These include, the species of orchid, growing conditions, potting media, age of the plant and the type of pot being used.

I Love Planting Plants

I don’t just do crazy stuff all the time you know. I think that there is nothing better than some quite time in-between your daily schedules. And I find that gardening is the perfect relaxation for me. It makes me feel better about daily occurrences and makes me realize that we have to love the earth that we live in.

Orchid Propagation – Create New Plants From A Dendrobium Cane

Orchid propagation can be a challenge especially with Dendrobiums. Find out an easy way to make several new plants out of one single Dendrobium cane.

Tips for Proper Gardening

The grass in your lawn are getting taller and some of them may even include the thorny ones. Your lawn is no longer good for your kids to play around in. Grasses filled almost the whole yard and no sunflowers or violets are there that might have given beauty to your home’s outside area. The whole picture is getting lousy. You might now be asking yourself if there’s anything you can do about this. Well, there is much that you can do.

Stocking A Pond

It is essential to choose the correct blend of aquatic plants to create a natural balance in your pond. Select plants that suit the size of the pond so they do not need regular chopping back to keep them in check. Pond plants can be grouped according to the depth of water they require. Deep water plants which include water lily, are essential to the overall health of the pond because the leaves cover the surface and provide shade, which discourages the growth of algae and offers a cool retreat for fish.

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