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Types of Garden Buildings and Their Purpose

Are you a new homeowner or a developer willing to set up one or several garden buildings on your property? If you answered yes, this article sheds light on some buildings that you need to put into consideration when setting up your garden project. Garden buildings are very convenient as they come in handy in times of need, at moments when need additional space or a place to keep items considered not fit for the main house.

Aquilegia Or Columbine – Eagle Or Dove?

Is it an eagle or a dove? Aquilegia or Columbine? Actually this perennial wildflower that has become one of the favorite old-fashioned garden favorites is both!

Help Take Care of the Earth by Growing Organic Plant Food

Having an organic garden means growing organic plant food like fruits and vegetables. This will save you a lot because planting organic vegetables will not cost a lot. You can make a garden right at your backyard and you will be able to grow organic vegetables for your family.

The Big Garden Birdwatch

The RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch is the world’s biggest bird survey with over half a million people taking part each year to help find out which birds are in need of the RSPB’s conservation work. Back in 1979 the RSPB asked its junior members to count the birds in their back gardens over one weekend in January to give a snapshot of the birds that visited UK gardens. The idea was so successful that the survey has run every year since then.

Rose Bush Care to Create Beautiful Roses

Here’s a nice piece of technical advice on rose bush care that will be great news for you. It’s on the subject of deadheading which may at first sound like a dead head subject but hang in there because it’s about to get real nice for you. Once a beautiful rose…

Knowing the Purpose of Composting

Composting is the breaking down of organic materials to produce a dark and nutrient-rich substance which can be used for the plants. The product of composting is usually known as vermicompost or compost and this contains nutrients that are very helpful for the plants. Now that there are inorganic fertilizers, why do we still have to do composting?

Learning the Basics of Vermicomposting

Vermicomposting is the process of turning organic waste into a dark, nutrient-rich soil using composting worms such as Red Wiggler, African Night Crawler, white worms. This aims to manage the waste and at the same time produce natural fertilizers for fruit trees, vegetables and other plants.

Knowing Red Wiggler Worms

Red Wiggler worms (Eisenia Fetida) are known to be the best and most recommended composting worms. Their ability to dig deeper makes the soil more fertile and loosened. In fact, they can dig into the soil to not more than 12 inches deeper allowing aeration for the soil. Red wiggler worms also thrive on organic materials making them perfect for vermicomposting.

How to Grow Goji Berries

Growing goji berry plants is not a tough task as it may seem to be initially. One of the main reasons for this is that the goji berry plant is very adaptable and extremely hardy. You just need to know the right way to grow it. Goji berries do not need elaborate maintenance and practice to grow it. Climatic conditions should be stable for the plant. If you are growing these berries for the first time, its best to go slowly in the beginning or else you might spoil the plant.

Worm Compost Easily Started

Do you want to know how to stop throwing kitchen scraps in the garbage? If so, there is a way. It’s called a worm compost. Building and maintaining one is very easy!

Rose Planting Tips For Beautiful Roses

For beautiful roses follow these rose planting guidelines. First off an ideal time to plant a new rose bush is after the winter frost. If you have particularly hot summers then you might want to wait until after July however there are many varieties of roses and some of them can handle hot weather.

How to Care For Indoor Plants

Do you have indoor plants at home? Many people are now interested to have some indoor plants at home in order to enhance their interior decorations. Indeed having a piece of nature at home cannot create any harm.

Ways to Supply Artificial Lighting For Plants

It is important to supply plants grown indoors with the right lighting. If it is not feasible to do it with sunlight through a window or in a greenhouse, then artificial light is needed. There are several different types of light bulbs that can be used to achieve the right quality and intensity of brightness.

A Dog Statue Displays Courteous Amusement

Dog statues are a foolproof way to add flourishing nonliving points to your garden or landscaping. They do not need toilet training, neutering or grooming and add instant gratification that last forever.

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