Tower Garden Update After Vacation

Keeping Your Herb Garden Properly Fertilized

One hobby that is quickly gaining popularity among many Americans is herb gardening, which is a great way for people to spend time while saving money and living a healthier and more sustainable life. Herbs are expensive when you have to buy them in the supermarket. Additionally, these herbs have to be picked before they are completely ripe or ready for harvest so that they won’t spoil before they hit the shelves.

Raised Vegetable Garden Bed, Organic Planting, And Landscaping Rolled In One

There are several reasons why raised garden bed methods go hand in hand with organic planting and landscaping. In fact, I’ve tried it out myself and yielded good results. Here are some tips of the trade that you guys can try.

Growing Upside Down Tomatoes Produces Better Tomatoes

How do you grow tomatoes upside down and why even bother to do it? Actually, it’s pretty smart, and many tomato growers swear by the fact that their tomatoes are bigger and more plentiful as a result. This article will discuss how and why to grow upside down tomatoes.

How to Grow Lilies

The lily is a beautiful flower, second only to the orchid in its uniqueness and exquisite beauty and is one of the most popular house plants, bouquets and gifts for any occasion. It is is grown from bulbs and, while mainly found in the northern hemisphere, it is a very strong and hardy plant and very adaptable to almost any climate and location. With a little care and knowledge these flowers can be grown by just about anyone, just about anywhere.

Making Compost In a Month Is Easy When You Know How

For feeding your garden what it needs to produce superb produce and flowers there’s nothing better than producing your own compost. And these days you don’t have to wait a year for the compost to be ready. Using a modern well designed composter you can be spreading your own high quality compost on your borders in as little as 2 to 4 weeks.

How to Arrange 12 Red Roses in a Vase

First, take a very sharp knife (eg a kitchen knife) and cut about 2cm off the bottom of each stem. Always cut stems at a 45 degree angle to allow the flower to suck up water easily from the vase. This makes them last longer and prevents premature wilting.

Growing a Successful Organic Herb Garden

Growing an organic herb garden enables you to have quality control for the medicinal and culinary herbs you wish to grow. Growing an organic herb garden is easy when you follow these basic steps.

Growing Cabbage From Seed

I can almost smell the stuffed cabbage cooking in my mom’s kitchen. It was one of her (and my grandmother’s) best dishes. I am not much of chef so I won’t go into great detail on the recipe, but it was a meat mixture that was wrapped with a cabbage leaf and it tasted great.

Successful Aquaponic Gardening Tips

Aquaponic gardening can be as simple as one, two, three if you follow a few aquaponics tips. Due diligence and having a mentor close at hand will make assembling your aquaponic system a success and fresh organic produce a reality!

Gardening Dilemmas Resolved!

Garden lovers often encounter problems planting after the rainy season or after winter since it takes the soil sometime to warm up to be suitable for planting. In other cases, there are some places where in the soil is not fertile enough to plant on so gardeners need to import soil from other places and mix it with compost, mulch, or fertilizers to make it more suitable for plants to grow.

How to Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables at Home

Growing your own organic garden at home is a wonderful activity for you and your family, and when done right can help save money by cutting grocery costs. The article to follow covers the basics of home organic gardening, which will help you towards getting started.

Cordless Lawn Mowers in Urban Living

It is usual in the 21st century to be living in a neighborhood with identical houses stacked on top of one another with 10×10 foot lawns, and driveways barely large enough to fit a smart car. Many of these homes have backyards with lawns small enough to trim with household scissors and proximity to your neighbors that enables you to see that hairy mole on your neighbors back. Many of the senses are easily disturbed when we live so close to our neighbors.

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