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All About Herb Gardening

Plants give off oxygen that keeps us alive. Plants help fight against the global warming that is affecting our world. It is important that we keep doing our job in order to save the earth.

Organic Gardening – Growing Your Own Backyard Orchard

Growing an orchard in your backyard can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Organic methods are the healthiest way for both you and the environment.

Why is Organic Food Good For You?

This article covers why anyone would raise and consume organic vegetables. Some of the poisonous and harmful practices are mentioned in some detail. We are focused on the overall main objective: our health.

How to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden – 5 Useful Tips Worth Trying

You know the scenario: you have been slaving in your garden, your lawn looks like an oriental rug in rich green, the roses are blooming in all shades of red, pink and white, the spinach and the carrots are ready for harvesting. And then, one fine morning you step out on your terrace to find the lawn full of ugly holes made by hooves, the roses torn to pieces and the vegetable garden uprooted and half eaten.

Rose Gardening Using Organic Methods

Did you know roses can be grown organically? But what does organic mean anyway? Organic gardening essentially means plant propagation without the use of harmful chemicals. There are a few things you must do in planting organically. Your top to-do list should include choosing the best type of rose plants that is suitable on your location and climate, and choosing the best soil for your organic garden.

Gardening Information – Choosing Your Perfect Garden

Now that you’ve been thinking of a garden for yourself perhaps your considering what type of garden to create. The choices are unlimited and the kinds of gardens are as varied as the number of gardeners. Yet you will want to think about some basic issues related to making the perfect garden for who you are and your lifestyle.

7 Steps For Your Roses Tips

Shop for the roses of your choice during late winter, while roses are available as bare root plants and in their dormant season. You can also shop for roses as spring begins, while they are available in containers to transplant to your garden. Keep in mind however, that you will have your pick of the most choice plants when you shop for them early in their dormant season.

Gardening With the Natural Ecosystem

Gardening with nature can be an exciting and rewarding experience. When choosing a design, studying the natural environment and it’s condition is very important. Is it a sunny area or a shaded forest, is the area wet, dry or well drained. The existing condition is a very important part of the design.

Organic Gardening – A Soil System That Will Benefit Your Lawn and Garden

Having a garden or lawn that takes care of itself is the dream every homeowner and gardener. Nature takes care of the plant life that grows in forests, meadows and fields naturally, you can create this same environment in your own yard. Composting and natural soil conditioners will greatly benefit any the soils in your landscape.

Organic Gardening and Lawn Care – Avoiding the Use of Chemicals in Your Yard and Garden

Nature doesn’t use chemicals. Have a healthy yard that you can enjoy. The use of organic or green methods that keeps your yard safe. Information on the use of pressure-treated wood, chemicals that can be in the soil around your home, insect repellents, along with other chemicals.

How to Maintain a Good Lawn

Having a green lush lawn is a great challenge to many home owners. If you wish to have blooming lawn, prepare and maintain is the means to acquire a blooming lush lawn. Here are some steps and techniques that can aid you to have a beautiful lawn.

Indoor Lemon Trees – Five Reasons Why Meyer Lemon Trees Are the Ideal House Plant

Did you know you can grow your very own fruit indoors? Indoor fruit trees are becoming one of the most popular house plants in the gardening hobby. One particular variety, the Meyer lemon tree, is especially suited for container growing.

Taming the Beast – Using Vines As a Garden Decoration

Vines can be a beautiful decoration in your garden. Kind of like icing on a cake. They attach to almost anything and are very low maintenance. A heavy vine, like ivy with it’s uniquely shaped leaves will really stand out in your garden of colorful flowers.

The New Old Way of Watering Your Garden With Rain Barrels

Green is the new color. Today it’s all about conserving energy and saving the earth for future generations, as it should be. One of the ways you can do your part is to get a rain barrel for watering your garden. Some local utility companies even sell them with a spigot and all the trimmings. If you live in a drought area this could be a possible solution to your watering problem.

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