Trimming Back Perennials

Desert Garden Preparation: Tips on Starting a Vegetable Garden in the Desert

So you need some information on desert garden preparation. You moved to the Sun Belt and bought some land in the desert and now you’re ready to garden. You stand near your new home and look over your potential garden and, in your mind’s eye, you see fruit trees, rows of beans and carrots, and green plants teeming with ripe tomatoes instead of the mesquite, creosote, and cactus that are waiting to be removed. Share our experiences as we created a great garden in the Arizona desert.

St Augustine Grass – Some Facts You Should Be Aware Of

If you are an active gardener or if gardening is just a hobby for you, then you certainly want to have a nice and cozy garden. To accomplish that objective, you may use St. Augustine Grass as your main lawn, because this type of grass is tolerant to shade and it has a really nice look and feel. However, St. Augustine Grass is sometimes difficult to maintain due to its inability of growing in cold places. In this article we will cover several different ways of getting your garden to look gorgeous with a small effort.

Most Common Grape Vine Diseases

Grapes are excellent sources of wine, food and antioxidants. However, they are prone to grape vine diseases.

Guidelines in Building Compost Successfully

Composting is just like making your own rich fertilizer. It helps plants grow faster and healthier. Composting is applicable to a wide variety of plants, like large trees and small ornamental plants including herbs and spices.

Double Dig – Improve The Soil Structure Of Your Garden

Double digging is a technique that will improve the structure of your garden’s soil. Having a soils that do not drain well can cause harm and virtually destroy the biology that naturally improves soil structure, along with wasting money and time to try to grow a productive crop. Even though double digging is a very labor intensive way to improve the structure of soil, it has many benefits and they can be long lasting if maintained properly.

The Benefits And Beauty Of Indoor Gardening

Do you like gardening but it is about that time of year when the frost sets in and do not want to garden? If this sounds like you then check out indoor plant gardening. It might just change how you view gardening.

Anthurium Plant Care: The Two Critical Factors

Taking care of an anthurium plant is easy if you know these two key factors. Please read on to learn what they are.

The Cheapest And Most Effective Brush Clearing Equipment

Don’t spend a single penny on brush clearing equipment until you read this. Why, because I would like to introduce you to one of the cheapest and most effective forms of removing brush. We’re talking about goats!

The Science of Hydroponics

Traditional gardeners usually involve getting down and dirty. Applying fertilizers, pesticides and rooting around in the soil is just a part of the job. Plants are planted divided and re-planted. They do all this work just to produce nutritious and good looking plants. There is, however, another way of growing plants that doesn’t involve coming into contact with soil at all.

How To Start Your Own Home Garden

Finding reasonably priced produce in this economy can be difficult. Most of us just don’t have the money we need to be eating a healthy well-rounded diet. Growing your own fruits and vegetables in a home garden can be a great solution to your healthy eating dilemma. All you need is a space to grow them in, some sunshine, and water.

Knowing The Better Fertilizer To Use

Organic fertilizers do the same work as done by Mother Nature and hence are safer than artificial fertilizers. Hence they have lesser chances of causing environmental hazards compared to synthetic fertilizers. Long term use of these organic fertilizers will not pose any long term detrimental effects of any kind as they are environment friendly processes.

Garden Furniture: Find Ways to Protect Them!

Are you worrying about your new garden furniture in these harsh wintry months? It is true that the strong climatic conditions put a bad impression on your furniture and the setting of your landscaping area.

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