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Houseplant Basics

Though some flowering plants are as easy to grow as foliage plants, most do need more care and expertise to flourish. The most basic need of all houseplants is good lighting at all times. Fertilizing is another must. Always remember that less is more for houseplants.

Pruning Conifers

Conifers do not need extensive pruning and most are best left to assume their natural shape, with the occasional pruning of an overly long shoot. Occasionally, however, you may need to undertake more substantial pruning if the conifer starts to get too big for its position.

What You Should Know About Conifers

After years in the wilderness, slow growing dwarf conifers are now coming back into fashion. They are easy to grow, require practically no maintenance and offer year round interest. Conifers can be grown as single specimens or in groups, in a mixed border with other shrubs, perennials and bulbs or in a special conifer area, where a variety of forms can be combined to good effect.

Using Beneficial Bacteria in a Hydroponic System

Hydroponic gardeners can use beneficial bacteria during plant propagation as well as every stage of growth to help correct atmospheric nitrogen, increase nutrient uptake, and decrease disease. Beneficial bacteria can be added directly to the reservoir or used as a foliar spray.

Layering Garden Landscaping

There are a lot of homes that could do a bit more garden landscaping which is a good thing. The truth is that this is something that should be treated with excitement as there is nothing more fun than landscaping the garden. This will allow your imagination to flow and work overtime as you will be having a good time planting as well as rearranging your plants and flowers.

Fertilizer Secret on Caring For Roses

Roses bloom better at the beginning of spring when the ground is good and workable and easy to fertilize. The roses that are not fertilized well will not bloom well at all for the remainder season. Roses need food to bloom.

Herb Gardening For Beginners – 6 Shade Herbs For Success

If you are lucky enough to have a place for shade herbs these 6 herbs are perfect when it comes to herb gardening for beginners. Angelica – Add some wow with these showy herb plants.

Growing a Liriope Plant in Your Sustainable Garden

Enjoy your sustainable garden design this year. Choosing the perfect plant is part of the experience. The liriope is a great foliage plant that produces beautiful flowers that will compliment any landscaping design.

Caring For Orchids – Indoor Orchid Tips

Caring for orchids indoors is not to difficult if you know the right things to do. Also when you grow orchids inside you only need a couple simple fixtures to get you going.

Growing an Orchid Under Artificial Lights

Several steps can be taken to determine exactly how much sun and shade each specific orchid will need. In this article you will find out the two ways of distinguishing lighting requirements and a fail-proof lighting technique anyone can use.

The Evergreen Grass Option – Canada Grass Seed

The grass seed itself has been developed to grow in almost any climate environment and in almost every type of soil. Around the world, Canada GS is also known as Canada ever-green as it remains green throughout the year and is not easily affected by different kinds of weather conditions as compared to some other this types. In fact there are a lot of people are amazed at how the grass grows in various soil types and how easily maintainable it is as well as how it manages to yield a good size of lawn even from small seed packets.

All You Need to Know About Grass Seeding

Grass can be described as a herbaceous plant that grows thin leaves from its roots. There are many forms and variations of and grass seeds that are available. Grass can be used for food, drinks such as beer, animal feed, and energy sources including fuel, sports turf as well as home gardening or what some would call “normal” lawn, also referred to as turf.

How to Find the Best Grass Seed For Sale

Garden enthusiasts and home owners know the importance of grass in relation to gardening and also know that it projects an image of natural beauty, its lushness and green color add to the home and area’s looks. There are many different options one can pursue when it comes to buying grass seed for sale. It mainly depends on what you would like to see in your lawn. There are many grass seed types that collectively range into the thousands.

The Stress Free Process of Lawn Seeding

If you wish to start a new lawn, there are two ways of going about it. These are lawn seeding or laying sod. The cheaper alternative is seeding lawn. In addition, you have a wide range of grass types. Laying sod on the other hand, is a comparatively fast process. It produces new lawns of high quality.

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