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Growing in Coco Part 2

My last article, Growing in Coco Part 1, explained some of the benefits of using Coco and talked about the different forms it can take. In this second article, I will talk about other forms of Coco, which nutrients to use, and some other tips for growing in this medium. In addition to Boss cubes and loose Coco, you can also get Coco in other forms such as bricks, chips, and croutons.

Organic Garden Soil – The Importance Of Phosphorus

Phosphorous is an essential element classified as a macro-nutrient, and one of the three nutrients normally found in fertilizers. One of the main roles it plays in living organisms is in the transfer of energy. It assists in the conversion of the suns energy and other chemicals, like nitrogen, into a usable food for plant life. The deficiency of phosphorous in plants will lead to a stunted, sickly plants with a lower quality flower or fruit.

How To Grow Your Own Kitchen Herb Window Box

The smell of fresh rosemary, basil or mint on my hands when I am cooking is wonderful and really puts me in the mood for preparing a delicious dish. Many have discovered that a fresh herb window box is the answer to having fresh herbs in their cooking. There is nothing nicer than being able to grow your own fresh herbs and salad greens. So why not grow them in a window box, or anywhere near the kitchen, where you can pick them when you are preparing your meal.

Garden Leisure – For a Comfortable Outdoor Lifestyle

With the improving Spring weather we are now starting to think about our gardens and getting them ready for some garden leisure time. The harsh winter weather leaves a trail of devastation on what was once the perfect setting for some comfortable outdoor living, but with a few hours of tender loving care the garden can be transformed just by tidying the flower beds and removing any leaves and plants from last year.

Beautiful Flowers Are Not Forever

Although it is said that ‘Diamonds are forever’ the same cannot be said for flowers. In fact their beauty lies in the fact that they do not last forever but are caught in a brief moment of time at their best. This makes them symbolic of a certain kind of beauty that is transient. As W. B. Yeats put it: ‘All that’s beautiful fades away, like the waters.’

Organic Gardening Tips: How to Keep Your Garden Healthy, Eco-Friendly, and Pesticide Free

I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries lately about how I keep my garden pesticide free which can be quite a feat here in northern Baja but if I can do it here, it can be done anywhere! Here are some great tips that I use to achieve a pesticide free, eco-friendly garden.

Lawn Mowers, Safety, and Children – A Good Combination?

Every year there are avoidable lawn mowing mishaps that send people especially children to emergency rooms. This article addresses prevention of lawn mower accidents.

Preserving Beneficial Insects In Your Yard and Garden

Not all insects are destructive, and if you are not careful around your yard, or in your garden, you may kill off the insects that are especially important to the ecosystem that your gardens depend on. These insects are the predators that control the pests that destroy your crops. Be observant when you are outside in your yard or garden, and watch which insects are the enemy or your friend.

How To Build An Organic Garden

With spring here and summer on its way it’s the time we think about yard work. This is the time we think about planting our flowers and vegetable gardens. There are numerous things that one can do to improve the aesthetics of your yard. Why not build an organic garden?

Container Gardening Made Easy!

There are times when an attempt to build backyard garden is beyond one’s reach. And you simply run out of space to realize those ideas. A great, trouble free solution is Container Gardening. The best thing about it is that not only do containers really enhance your home – you can grow anything you want – from herbs to vegetables and exotic flowers!

What About Companions For Plants?

Companions are recommended for humans and domesticated animals. But what about plants? Plants don’t need to be taken for walks or entertained. The jury is still out on having a conversation with a plant, but one thing is for sure: they will never spread what one has said around the neighbourhood, and cause trouble. Unless, of course, one shouts one’s rage at the plant and it echoes!

Everything You Need to Know About Foliar Feeding

There’s more to foliar spraying than just dousing your plants. Here are some tips to help you do it the right way.

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