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Tips for Watering and Maintaining a Home Herb Garden

When it comes to planting an herb garden in or outside of your home, there are many things to consider. However, overall, it can be a very fulfilling experience. While it is true that each herb requires different steps to keep it healthy and growing, the way to find that information is so simple, and the steps required are not too difficult.

What Roses Need To Grow

The aim of this article is to provide some tips to help with successful rose growing. It will look specifically at what roses need to grow into healthy, beautiful displays.

Green Manure – Protect Soil From Rain

Heavy rains can be very destructive to a garden’s soil structure when not protected. Cover crops soften the pounding that occurs with heavy rainfall on the soil, reducing compaction and the loss of nitrates that leach from the soil. There are different nitrogen fixing green manures like alfalfa, and winter rye that grow quickly and breakdown easily to improve the soils structure.

Attracting Birds to Your Garden – Choosing the Right Bird Nest Box

Tips on choosing the right bird nest box to attract different birds species to your garden and recommended places to site the nest box. Birds need a protected nesting place to roost and rear their young and providing a nest box can increase their chances of survival.

Starting a Vegetable Garden Today

Having vine-ripened tomatoes or fresh-picked corn can be a very fulfilling experience. Many would love to eat home grown vegetable but do not know much about the requirements of a vegetable garden. There are so many seedlings in a nursery and knowing which to take to your garden may require appropriate advice.

Planting Grapes for Food and for More

Planting grapes not only has economic but social relevance as well. Your grapevines can make a good background, even venue for special events like weddings.

How to Grow Herbs in Pots Using Herb Plant Cuttings

This article describes how, in four straightforward and easy steps, it’s possible to propagate herbs from herb stem cuttings. It provides tips on when and how to take cuttings and provides a list of herbs that can be propagated in this way. The article also provides some ideas on how this method of growing herbs in pots provides opportunities to develop some very different sorts of projects from the small and discrete kitchen herb garden. The method is also advocated as a good way of growing herbs in pots to sell at markets and events or as gifts.

Reasons to Not Overwater Your Tomato Plants

Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum), is a plant that thrives best in well-drained soil. It doesn’t tolerates with too much moisture accumulation in the soil since over watering would result to serious root damage which suffocates the entire structures that leads to the entry of disease infections and other insect vectors that carries serious ailment to the plant. Though watering is one requirement for a successful tomato production, you should consider the amount of water to be applied not to over flow it, but rather maintain the moisture content in its minimum level. Why you should not over water your tomato plant?

Plumeria Plants – How To Grow Plumeria Cuttings

Plumeria plants are relatively easy to propagate from cuttings if tried and tested methods are followed. It is also one of the quickest ways to enjoy plumeria flowers. But how do you plant and grow plumeria cuttings the right way?

Arnica – The Sportsman’s Friend

Arnica has a deep-rooted, erect stem, typically unbranched. Furry opposing leaves sit high on the stem and a rosette of oval leaves adorns the base of the stem. Large yellow or orange flowers are typical, these are 6-7 cm wide about a dozen radiating florets and a number of disc florets. Bracts beneath the flowerhead have long spreading hairs. The flowers boast a mildly aromatic perfume not unlike pine.

The Wonders of Worm Composting

Worms are wonderful. They do so many good things in the world. Gardeners love worms because they help aerate soil and provide much-needed oxygen to plants and vegetables.

Just How Much Is Enough To Water Orchids?

The watering method is crucial to the healthy and optimum growth of orchids. In order for these plants to keep their vibrant and attractive blooms, they require growing conditions which are similar to their natural habitat in wild forests. There is an appropriate method to water orchids of various types.

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