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Roses – Love’s Enduring Flame

When it comes to Valentines, home comings, birthdays, adoring fans, smitten Romeo’s and starry-eyed Juliet’s, roses are certain to be present. Among the Who’s Who of the flower world they are undoubtedly a celebrity!

Fall Garden Chores – Time to Get Dirty

Now that the gardening season in most areas have come to an end, you would think that you would be able to sit back and start thinking about your next years gardens. Well, your not done getting your hands dirty yet.

Dry Shade Gardening

As you might suspect, gardening in shade is a passion of mine, but with this ongoing drought, I must constantly search for plants that can tolerate dry shade. Dry shade is probably the most difficult soil in which plants can grow, because the shade is made even more dry when large trees are soaking up any available moisture when rain does come, leaving very little for other plants with less aggressive root systems.

Basil Care in Winter – 10 Golden Rules

Basil is one of most popular plants in herb gardening around the world, and their flavorful leaves are a wonderful addition to any home cooking. However, for those who do not live in a tropical climate where Basil can thrive all year round and easily reseed themselves, it could be a challenge to keep your Basil growing healthily during the winter months. Is it possible to enjoy fresh Basil leaves even in the winter? You bet! Simply follow these 10 Rules in preparing your basil for the winter to ensure a continuous harvest.

23 Fun Facts About Rosemary Plants

Rosemary is a lovely evergreen perennial herb with culinary, aromatic, and medicinal uses, and one of the favorites in herb gardening around the world. How much did you know about this magical plant?

Top 10 Tips For Using Garden Pots As a Container Garden

Container gardening has been around for centuries and is actually gaining in popularity. In some instances there is no other option BUT to use garden pots for a garden such as high-rise or apartment living.

An Easy Way to Grout Stone Cobbles

Stone cobbles are one of the most beautiful materials to use in paving. Done properly they have a European elegance and robustness which is hard to match. Cobbles come in several types of material, including granite, porphyry and even concrete. They can be laid on a sand base if they are at least 60mm thick and grouted with gravel, sand, tar or mortar. For the best results though they should be glued onto a concrete slab and this article discusses this procedure.

Care of Bonsai Trees – Watering, I Thought I Knew How to Water a Plant!

A mistake that I was to make early in my journey for the care of bonsai trees was watering. I thought it was just watering. How difficult could it be?

Herb Garden Plants – How to Select Which One to Grow

What is it you most desire from your herb garden plants? Is it the culinary, medicinal, aromatic, or decorative herbs that you desire? You need to know which, or how many, of those you want.

How to Keep Cats Out of Yard – The Top 10 Recipes For Homemade Cat Repllent

Are the neighborhood cats constantly using your garden or favorite rose bushes as a toilet? Many people have trouble with the neighbor’s cats digging up their plants, as well as fighting (or other things) on their patios at night.

Inspiring and Intricate Herb Garden Designs

The history of garden design dates back to 1500 BC. The earliest evidence of horticulture and landscaping is in the form of Egyptian tomb paintings depicting lotus ponds surrounded by symmetrical rows of acacias and plants. The famous Hanging gardens of Babylon were known as one of the wonders of the world. Temple gardens contained vegetables and herbs that were considered sacred.

Do Indoor LED Lights Make Your Plants Grow Better, Faster and Healthier?

If you’ve ever tried to cultivate a garden, you know about the different ratios of light and shade necessary to grow healthy plants. If you are in an area of higher latitude, where winter temperatures play an important role in local vegetation, you are acutely aware of the effects of a rough winter on plants and the necessity of following strict seasons of planting. These limitations on plant growth are the basis for attempts at indoor cultivation.

Tree Trimming – How to Turbo Charge New Tree Growth

To really bring your yard to the next level, you’ll need to plant a few beautiful Southern Idaho trees to help it stand out.Β Between the elegant birches and hardy maple trees that Southern Idaho is so well-known for, there are plenty of options to choose from when making those improvements to your yard.Β However, no one likes to look out at their yard to see saplings – especially not for the next five years!

Grow the Roses That Suit You Best

If you are planning to start into rose gardening, it is important to know how to grow the roses you want. Different roses require different maintenance. Some are hardier than others, while some need more care, but aside from this, you would also need to grow the roses that would look good in your garden, or if you intend to grow them indoors, the ones that would flourish in an indoor setting. There are several types of roses out there from which to choose from.

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