Understanding Boxwood Blight and Rose Rosette

Winter Closing In On The Garden

With a little under 30 days till the official start of winter and Thanksgiving just a couple days away one last check of the garden chores are definitely in order. The last fertilizer application of the year should go down now so that the roots of your lawn have something to grow on for the next few weeks.

Do You Have A Whimsical Garden?

A true garden is more than just a collection of plants it is an expression of the caretaker who oversees it. A garden is a place where one can go to sit and ponder, or to relax and enjoy the moment amongst some favorite surroundings.

Mexican Mint Marigold

Tagetes lucida is a semi-hardy shrub native to Mexico and Central America. It is used as an herb and is ordinarily used as a alternative for tarragon. The leaves have a flavor of tarragon, with slight indication of anise.

Container Herb Garden Is Versatile, Adaptable, and Mobile

Container herb gardening was once confined to planter boxes and terra cotta pots. Now the more outlandish and creative the container or pot the better. Our love story of growing herbs in containers has gone on for centuries. It may have started due to the necessity and convenience of having culinary and medicinal herbs close to the house and has grown into necessity or the convenience of adding touches of color, textures, and fragrances to improve the exterior appearance of the home and property as well as providing a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. This article discusses how to create a container herb garden.

Pink Garden Pots for Your Garden

Would you like your garden to look amazing? Then why not consider getting pink garden pots?

How to Grow Beefmaster Tomatoes

Have you ever wondered about how to grow Beefmaster tomatoes, the really big ones? Here is some helpful information about Beefmaster tomatoes and how to grow them. You can do it!

Tips and Tricks To Buying Grape Vines For Grapes!

You should be happy that this is the time, when buying of grape vines, is no more a hassling task to perform. You can easily purchase them from any of the reliable nurseries. Here you need to keep one thing in your mind and that is, only shopping grape vines has become easier.

How To Test Your Soil For Growing Grapevines

This article shows you how to quickly and easily test your soil for growing grape vines. Most soils are a mixture of silt, sand, clay, stones, and organic matter. This mixture is also called loam. The best grave vine soil is generally a mixture of all of these types. Too much of one type can cause problems for growing grapevines.

What You Need to Know About Growing Ixora

The Ixora is a popular warm climate landscaping plant. Also known as Flame of the Woods, Jungle Flame, or Jungle Geranium, the Ixora is a fairly small shrub that produces clusters of small brilliant flowers for most of the year.

Best Practice for Feeding Your Plants

If you would be using fertilizer for your outdoor plants, it is also recommended that you test your soil first to know whether your soil is more acidic or alkaline. You can do this by using a soil kit which is readily available at most gardening supply stores. This would help you in choosing which type of fertilizer to use.

Grapes Planting – How To Grow Grapes at Home!

Planting grapes is a complete art and those who do this, consider it a wonderful experience. However, it is very important for the people who are associated with it to have complete and detailed information about it otherwise all their efforts will waste in planting grapes.

A Useful Guide to Perennial Plants

Perennials are plants that keep on growing year after year instead of dying after a season or after a year like annuals. Gardeners define perennials as plants which live for over two years. There are some which live for as long as they are properly cared for and there are some which will start to wither away within a couple of years.

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