Unexpectedly Large Onions From Seeds

Learn Proper Care For House Plants

Having selected a location offering adequate space and a good background, the next step is to consider the amount of natural light available. Should the ideal location for a big plant in your home be one deficient in daylight, your next consideration should be the possibility of supplementing natural light by installing fixtures for artificial light. Ceiling spots or recessed lighting directed toward the plant will probably be the solution if you choose a variety of plants that are tolerant of low light.

Herb Garden Information – Three Great Ways in Storing Herbs

Giving herb garden information by a series of any article would not be complete without giving any guidelines on how to store them. You can of course use fresh picked herbs coming from your garden. Harvest your herbs when the day’s condition is perfect and then you can preserve to retain their properties.

Italian Herb Garden – How to Establish Your Own One

If you enjoy Italian cooking, you will know that the Italians are not shy with their herbs. This is one of the best known secrets of Italian cuisine.

New at Garden Hedging? Read This First!

You don’t need an expensive professional landscaping company for every landscaping job, there are many jobs you can perfectly do yourself. Any homeowner with a few helpful tips can get started with hedges and get them looking just the way they want them.

Sample Herb Garden Plan For the Indoors and Outdoors

To start at indoor garden, you can make things easier the with sample herb garden plan. You should get some containers if you plan to plant both the medicinal and culinary herbs. Determine the best place where you can put the containers. In most cases, you need to place them on the windowsill.

2 Uncommon Ways For Growing Fresh Herbs Indoors

A healthy garden bed is glorious because it is pleasant to sight. It gives a relaxing ambiance to the room they’re sitting in. Growing fresh herbs indoors is beneficial in so many ways.

3 Secrets to Stop Snails From Eating Your Garden Naturally

Snails are one of the worst pests that can live through your garden! They can ravage all your vegetables and they can destroy a lot of your plants! Snails are also very messy and slimy. When your garden is infested with a lot of snails, they make your garden have lines of booger all over! If left unchecked, snails can cause severe environmental damage.

What is an Heirloom Herb?

Heirloom plants are trendy and popular and evoke memories of simpler times and grandma’s garden. Heirloom seeds are advertised and sold through mail order, the internet, gardening centers and nurseries.

Forget-Me-Nots – Quick Growing Blooms For Your Carefree Garden!

Forget-Me-Nots are self sufficient, dependable bloomers for the spring garden. Some varieties are annuals, living and blooming only one season.

Zonal Geraniums – A Profusion of Blooms For Your Garden!

A popular container plant, Zonal Geraniums offer compact sizes that are well suited to windowboxes, pots, and planters. Try the 6-8 in. tall, salmon-pink ‘Timothy Clifford,’ or the 9 in. ‘Ivalo’ with the crimson-dotted, pale pink blossoms for a sunny patio container.

Digging to Solve Bad Drainage

A major problem with having bad drainage in the garden is that lot of plants don’t like to be submerged and it may damage them over time. It can be quite difficult to get rid of bad drainage but there are also some very simple things that you can do. This article will talk where one of the most basic ways of getting rid of bad drainage – routing the water away from your plants.

Guide to Buying Garden Pruners

One of the first tools that you need to buy when you start to garden is a good set of pruners. This article will give you a few tips as to how you can make sure you buy the right set of pruners for you. It may sound like it should be obvious but there are so many different types available on the market and they can be quite expensive so you need to make sure that you make the right decision.

Cover Plants When It’s Cold

Sometimes known as “green manure”, planting cover plants in your garden in the late autumn and letting them grow in your garden throughout the winter months can be an excellent way to keep your garden healthy and active off season. Obviously the use of cover plants depends on your location and local winter conditions, but if you live in an area where some winter hardy plants will grow, this is an excellent way to keep your garden not only in good shape, but full active through the winter.

Cleaning Up Your Garden

Once the final harvest is done in the autumn, it is time to clean up your garden and carefully prepare it for the next season. Most of this work can be done over the winter months. Having too much debris in your beds from the year before can attract pest and plant diseases that can emerge with a vengeance next spring, so it is important to clean up as much as possible beforehand.

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