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Growing Grapes at Home – Site Selection Essentials

If you are thinking about growing grapes at home in your own garden, it is first of all important to have an understanding of some fundamental concepts. Many homeowners attempt to grow their own grapes, but most will fail.

Pruning Basics – What You Should Know

Most trees and shrubs will need an occasional prune to maintain health, control their size and improve the display of flowers or foliage. It is a straightforward process provided you use the correct pruning technique and get the timing right. Despite having acquired a reputation for being difficult, all pruning follows a few basic rules, which are easy to understand and to put into practice. The first rule is to have good quality tools with sharp, clean blades.

Garden Sprayers Home Remedies – Produce Your Very Own Natural Insect Repellent

Summer season tends to make me happy. I love taking a swim, enjoying baseball, and not wearing socks for four months. But if there’s one point about summer which bugs me, it’s… well, bugs. Not only are mosquito bites itchy and painful, they’re also dangerous. Going outside, specifically into a wooded area, with no insect repellent is not an option.

Proper Watering is the Key to Beautiful Orchids

The most important part of orchid care is properly watering them. There are some key things to keep in mind when watering orchids that will keep your plants healthy and looking their best.

How to Care For an Enormous Backyard Garden

I have a feeling that you and I have a similar problem. How to take care of our enormous backyard garden! And I have a feeling that, just like us, you love having trees and flowers, areas for the kids and pets to run free, and privacy.

Pruning Popular Shrubs

Most of the popular shrubs can be grouped according to their pruning requirements. Prune little and often, ideally once a year, rather than waiting many years until the plant is overgrown and unmanageable. Shrubs which flower on the current year’s growth and bloom from midsummer, need pruning in early spring, just before new growth starts. Prune out as much of last year’s growth as you want, the harder you prune the more new growth will be produced. Early flowering shrubs, which bloom before midsummer, generally produce their blooms on wood produced during the previous season. In this case, prune as soon as flowering has finished by cutting back one in three of the old shoots to a new shoot lower down or a plump outward facing bud.

Freesia Flowers

The Freesia belongs to the Iris family. It is well-known for its fragrance, although not all species are scented.

When It’s More Than a Green Thumb

Have you ever planted something only to have it grow a lot bigger than the label claimed? It’s not always a good thing…

How to Choose Garden Storage

Outdoor storage is available in a wide variety of styles and sizes; you’ll find garden storage sheds, storage units, kit projects and even ready made models. You can purchase these items from building, hardware or home improvement stores, online and from large garden supply stores. Before you decide on your outdoor storage, however, you will have to decide the kind of storage you need.

Grape Growing Climate – Important Considerations

The correct climate is vital for successful long term grape growing. Learn what factors really matter in this article.

How to Grow Fruit Trees

Growing healthy fruit trees can be very rewarding. There is nothing more satisfying than eating something you have grown yourself.

Outdoor Garden Sheds – Options to Consider Before You Buy

The problem that every gardener faces is where to store the gardening tools, all the patio furniture, the outdoor grill or bicycles can all be a problem any homeowner faces. If you’re like most people you could use your garage, but overtime that will lead to it becoming a cluttered place. Outdoor garden sheds are a great solution for this storage problem.

Selective Herbicides For Lawns – Lawn Care Tips

You need to understand the difference between selective and non-selective turf herbicides. This difference is quite important considering your lawn can suffer drastic consequences with the application of the wrong herbicide on your lawn.

The 5 Essentials You’ll Find in Books About Orchids

According to many orchid books, the orchid plant has spawned thousands of natural and hybrid species. They are very favorable with homeowners because of their required maintenance level.

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