Using Color and Texture in the Landscape with P Allen Smith

Eggs in the Worm Bin – What Are They?

Eggs in the worm bin…sound about right? For those of you new vermicomposters out there, you have probably witnessed bunches of tiny white eggs in your worm bin…what should you do? More or less, nothing!

How to Prune Rosebushes

Proper pruning is essential to rosebush health. The act of pruning doesn’t just control the shape of your plants — it encourages healthy flowering. Pruning is best done in late winter when roses are still dormant, and before your first fertilizer application.

What Is The Best Soil To Cultivate Tomatoes In?

Healthy soil with a good combination of clay, sand, silt and loam is considered ideal, but this is a commodity that can be difficult to find in a natural environment, so you will probably have to create it yourself. Most gardeners today agree that using chemical fertilizers and amendments is not the ecological thing to do, so what are the options?

What To Look For In Gardening Fertilizer

How can fertilizer help your garden you might ask? Well the right fertilizer can help you maintain healthy plants that will look their best at all times.

How To Grow Peas Easily!

Peas are a wonderful addition to your garden and very easy to grow. There are a variety of peas so be sure to take some time and learn about the different ones you can grow in your garden!

Growing a Grape Vine In Your Own Backyard

Growing grape vines can be a great fun, especially when you do so as a hobby. If you have an inclination towards vegetation and growing plants at home, then why don’t you take benefit from this passion of yours?

Homemade Compost: What’s Hot and What’s Not?

Making compost may seem a little complicated and involved. There are ratios, temperatures, sizes, and allowable inclusions to consider. There is also hot composting versus cold composting to consider. What’s hot and what’s not when it comes to homemade compost? Here are some answers.

Tips To Remember When Planting Tulip Bulbs

Tulips are a popular flower that can be easy to grow if a few tips are followed. Recommendations on how to buy bulbs, where to plant them and how to care for them can result in beautiful springtime blooms.

My Greenhouse Kit Has Arrived – Now What?

I receive many calls from proud new greenhouse owners. My greenhouse kit has arrived and I don’t know where to start.

More About Invasive Plants In Our Gardens

From all the research I have done the problem of invasive plants in our gardens has become a lot clearer. The consensus definition of all the different research I have done is an invasive plant is one that has the ability to thrive and spread aggressively outside its natural range.

How to Grow Beautiful Orchids

Growing orchid plants is a hobby and an income for others. This is because of the uniqueness of the plant with its vibrant colored flowers as well. Enjoy reading.

General Care For Strawberries

Keep strawberry beds free of weeds at all times. Hand weeding is best, so as not to disturb the roots. Keep plants watered until they are established. Water strawberry plants as necessary when the fruits are swelling and in the autumn when the following year’s flower buds are formed. Apply a general fertilizer, at the rate recommended by the manufacturer, either side of the row in midsummer. Strawberries are vulnerable to a number of pests and diseases. If you do not wish to use chemical controls you will need to remain vigilant at all times and clear fading foliage and rotting fruit as soon as they are noticed.

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