Variety Introduction: Lo & Behold® ‘Pink Micro Chip’

How to Grow Herbs in a Hanging Basket

How do you grow herbs in a hanging basket? This guide looks at how to grow herbs, which plants to use and how to card for a hanging basket?

Best Tips For Orchid Care And Maintenance That Every Orchid Grower Should Know

It’s a well conceived belief that orchids need professional care, but this is simply a myth that’s being shattered as more and more people are effectively growing these exotic plants. Actually, growing orchids is no more demanding than growing any other houseplant, when you know how of course.

Growing Carnations in Containers

Carnations (Dianthus Caryophyllus) of the family Caryophyllaceae are herbaceous annual, biennial, and perennial varieties. A native of Europe and Asia, carnations grows between 18 to 24 inches tall that produces a spicy clove-like fragrance of around 300 species. They have more than a hundreds hybrids of different colors, but the ones that dominates are white, pink and red colors.

Buying Greenhouse Kits

What if you wanted to find out where you could get a small greenhouse for your home? Just for you and your family. One that could stand-alone in the back yard, or could be attached to that out building you have.

Bird Baths – Not Just For Summer

Just as we feed our feathered friends in the harsh winter months, we need to ensure that ample water is available. Many times we focus on the fact that food is hard to find in the winter, forgetting that water is often even more difficult to find.

Gadgetry For Greenhouses

Looking after a greenhouse yourself can be a big pain – having to open all the windows when it grows too hot for the plants, watering the plants each day and everything else. If you are a bit on the lazy side, like me, you should probably get some automatic systems to do the work for you.

Why Redwood Makes the Best Wooden Greenhouse

Redwood is the absolute when it comes to wooden greenhouses. The finest Redwood is found in northern California, of the United States. Only select grade redwood is recommended for greenhouses.

Why Is The Aluminum Picket Fence So Popular With So Many People?

The aluminum picket fence is one of the most popular types of fencing available these days. There are many reasons why this type of fence is the one that so many people choose to add to their yard.

The Rage of Greenhouse Kits

The earth’s climate change and pollution is probably what’s driving people to consider doing things the “ol fashion way”. More and more, folks are looking for ways to trim their basic living expenses. The cost of food keeps rising as our population explodes.

Checking the Moisture Level Of Your Outdoor Plants

Checking the moisture level of your plant is very important to make sure that they have enough level of water. Having this certain type of meter will be perfect to prevent the risk of overwatering since you can regularly check the level of the moisture well. However, you might see checking the moisture level of outdoor plants is quite different from checking the moisture of indoor plant.

The World Of Urban Gardening

The world of urban gardening is a bit different than out in the country there are more hurdles to climb and a bit more challenges to face. None the less thousand and hundreds of thousands of people take on the challenges everyday.

Basic Information on Grape Growing and Wine Making

In order to be a successful grape grower, you need to get the right information about grape growing. This article will harm you with the basic information that you’ll need to grow grapes and make wine. You will learn many interesting facts including what grape species are used to make wine, why they are used to make wine, how to start your first vineyard, and how to care for your vines.

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