Variety Introduction: Luscious® Marmalade and Luscious® Bananarama

Growing A Grape Vine

If you’ve ever been to a Vineyard, then you know how beautiful the grape vines look full of luscious fruit that is ready to be made into delicious wine. Learning how to grow grape vines is easier than you think.

Five Things to Consider to Successfully Grow Grape Vines

The key to a very productive vineyard in your backyard is knowing how to grow grape vines. Here are five key strategies to help you gain the knowledge you need to be successful.

Kinds of Hedging Plants Available!

Basically, you can find many types of hedges available for different purposes. Think about your purpose and choose accordingly to get the best of all for your garden. Following are some of the popular varieties of hedge plants that you can choose for your home garden.

The Benefits of Adding a Garden Hedge!

Are you looking to make an intelligent investment into your home? Hedging plants can be a great option to make your home and garden appear more lively and interesting. Adding quality plants to your garden is advantageous from so many different aspects for you and the entire family.

Bermuda Grass Lawn Care Tips

Bermuda Grass Lawn is a turf grass common to both North American and Australian homes, gardens and sporting fields. In general terms, there are two (2) broad categories of turf which are Cool Season grasses and Warm Season Grasses. Cool season grasses are those that grow as a single stem plant. Examples are rye grass and fescue grass. Bermuda grass (otherwise known as Couch turf in Australia) is a warm season turf species.

Find Out About The Advantages of Indoor Home Herbs

When you consider a residence plant, you most likely bring to mind a natural plant which you water often right? But did you know that those lovely green leaves can actually be beneficial to your wellbeing? Possessing in house house vegetation can certainly improve your physical, emotional as well as spiritual wellness.

Add Color With The Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree

If you are fascinated by bonsai plants, then the Japanese maple bonsai tree is the perfect choice for you to start with. It is a beautiful colorful tree and even a beginner can grow it. There are many varieties in this species but they are similar to the regular sized outdoor ones.

How to Control Pests and Disease With Hydroponics

As you would expect with a traditional garden, a hydroponic garden also requires control of pests and diseases. Overlooking this aspect can result in a crop of dead plants. As most people grow fruits and vegetables with hydroponics, this means a crop of inedible plants.

Orchid Care and Temperature

Orchids are generally divided into three temperature groups, cool temperature orchids, intermediate temperature orchids, and warm temperature orchids. Being able to regulate the temperature of the growing environment is critical to proper orchid care. If you are have no experience caring for orchid plants, it would be best to choose an orchid that best matches the environment that you can easily provide.

How To Propagate Plants Asexually: Part I – Basic Horticulture

Plant propagation can be a wonderfully rewarding activity. You can take great pleasure in knowing you had a hand in a beautiful plant from start to finish. Plant propagation can be done either sexually or asexually. But in order to efficiently help a plant grow and develop you should have at least a basic understanding of horticulture.

Beginning a Backyard Habitat

It’s the beginning of the dead of winter for us North Texans. The nip in the air has turned to ice.

Backyard Habitats Need Water

Are you interested in having a wildlife habitat in your back yard next spring? The time to think about doing that is now in the wintertime.

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