Variety Introduction: Snowstorm® Snow Globe and Snowstorm® Blue Bubbles

Lessons I Have Learned From My Garden

A garden is a very good teacher if you take the time to learn the lessons. Of course part of learning is to be open and receptive to what is being taught and willing to accept what you are learning.

Growing Tomatoes From Seed – Tips for Tomato Success

If you’re interested in growing tomatoes from seed, then you’re probably looking for tips to make your gardening venture a success. The good news is that raising tomatoes is not hard, and even the gardening novice can grow a bumper crop with a little care and attention to detail.

Growing Sunflower for Flowers and Seeds

Sunflowers (Helianthus spp.) or Helianthus as the correct plant name is an annual plant which derives their name from two Greek words, “helios” means the sun, and “anthos” means flower, hence, the name sunflower. They belong to the Asteraceae family with a unique characteristics of an aggregate of two different types of flowers, namely ray and disk flowers, which look like a single blossom. They are a native to the American continents.

Get Your Grass Cut – Fast!

On the first of this month, American lawnmower enthusiast Bobby Cleveland beat his British rival Don Wales and set a new world record for highest speed of a functional lawnmower at 96.5mph. The previous record was 80.8mph.

Picking Up Your Solar Lighting for Winter

If you live in a warm climate this may be foreign to you but for those of us who live with ice and snow it is almost time when solar ground lights and yard art have to be picked up. Trying a new style of solar lighting may save time later.

Herb Gardening in Small Spaces

Herb gardening in small spaces I have found out is very rewarding. A few years ago we moved from a house with a big yard to a townhouse with a fabulous water view but limited space for growing plants. This change meant that I had to learn to garden differently.

Orchid Problems – Growing Issues That Effect Orchids

When plants do not get the right nutrition that they need from water, fertilizer, and sunlight, they can be very vulnerable to disease and other problems. Orchids are far more delicate when it comes to caring for them with just the basic needs. If you make sure that you research exactly how you need to take care of your plants then you will be prepared when the situation arises where you may have orchid problems to correct.

A Guide to Wholesale Lilies

Purchasing flowers for a variety of decorative and celebratory purposes can be challenging without the right advice and information. This guide provides information and assistance with wholesale lilies – including reasons for buying lilies, why ordering them wholesale is a good idea, and suggestions for making the best use out of wholesale lilies in the home or any other location. Lilies are some of the world’s most beautiful flowers, and you deserve handy and helpful guidance on purchasing them and making great use of these fragrant and elegant flowers.

Know How To Protect Your Wooden Greenhouse Staging

Wooden greenhouse staging is – in my very personal opinion – the best looking way to enhance your planting space. But it does require a little extra care for long life though. Read here how to do it.

Begin Your Collection of Bonsai Starter Trees

The Bonsai starter trees are gaining popularity all over America. The art of Bonsai first started in Japan. The word “Bonsai,” means a “tree in a tray” which is a combination of the word “Bon” (tray) and “Sai” (tree).

The Advantages of Commercial Planters Over Ordinary Pots

Most of us think that using commercial planters for our gardens at home seem very unpractical because they are more expensive compared to ordinary pots. But the truth is, we just haven’t realized why they are a bit pricey than those ordinary pots that we can buy around the corner. Let us look at the advantages of commercial planters from ordinary pots…

Selecting The Right Soil And Pot For Your Bonsai Tree

Proper soil selection is crucial to the health of your bonsai tree, while your choice of container has important aesthetic consequences. In this article we will show you how to pick out the right soil and container for your bonsai.

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