Variety Introduction: Sugar Mountain® Blue Sweetberry Honeysuckle

Growing Worms Grows Your Garden

What in the world would you want to grow worms for, don’t you have enough to do just tending the vegetable garden? Where will you even find time to take care of worms?

Garden Scrapbooks

A garden scrapbook is a way to enjoy your garden any time you want. There may be a foot of snow on the ground and the wind is howling, but you can enjoy the explosion of bright red blooms from the Florabunda rose in your front flower bed.

Thatch Buildup In Your Lawn

What is thatch and why is it bad for your lawn. Thatch is a build up of dead turf grass crowns,  roots and debris that build up faster than they are breaking down.

Grass Plants For The Home Lawn

Your home lawn is made up of thousands of individual grass plants that all grow together and knit themselves into that big dark patch of green. There are many types of grass plants used for lawns this article will give you an overview of the more common ones..

Core Aeration For Your Lawn

Core aeration for your lawn is a very important cultural practice.  A lot of people pay for a lawn service company to come out and perform core aeration but do not even know why they are just told the lawn needs it.

How to Grow Forsythia for Its Flowers

Forsythia (Forsythia spp.) is a deciduous spring flowering and hardy shrub that grows in full sunlight but also tolerates in partial shade area. Even with little attention, you can grow them favorably, an ideal for novice flower gardeners. It produces a bright yellow to orange flowers that attracts florists and gardeners to include in their collections of flowering plants. They are ideal for beautifying your garden because they are easy to grow with less maintenance in your part, so you can tend some other delicate flowering plants.

Use Birdhouses to Attract Nesting Birds To Your Garden

How do you attract nesting birds to your garden? Some North American birds nest in birdhouses or nest boxes. By placing different types of birdhouses in different locations in your garden, you will have better luck at attracting a variety of bird species to your garden for pest control as well as for your birding enjoyment.

Tips About Phal Orchid

The most popular and widely seen variety of orchids, the Phalaenopsis Blume or the Phal Orchids enjoy the presence of over 60 species with many belonging to the artificial hybrid varieties. These types of orchids are also termed as the “moth orchids” for the simple reason that it has a moth like appearance. The rising popularity of these orchids is on account of the fact that it is easier to grow once you understand the basic elements required by it.

The Importance of Potassium for Your Home Vegetable Garden Plants

Potassium is a very important nutrient for the plants that you grow in your home vegetable garden. Unlike other nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous, potassium requires a bit more work to get it into your soil and keep it there.

Why Use Garden Decorations and Garden Statues

Creating a unique garden to fit your personality and taste is easy when you make use of the many available garden decorations, garden statues and outdoor decor. Use a garden statue to create a focal point around which you can add potted flowering plants for color. To add color and a whimsical quality to your garden, use garden plaques, sun catchers, frog decor or garden gnomes.

Garden Ornaments and Accessories – Finishing Touch to Your Garden

Working and to relax in your home garden makes you feel to connect with the Mother Nature and help you to relax after the hectic schedules. You can make your garden more beautiful and stunning using some garden ornaments, you may add decor accents and accessories. Working in your lawn can help you stay connected with Mother Nature, while spending leisure time in the place can help you de-stress yourself, after a day’s hectic schedule.

Grapes Too Small? Check Your Pruning Strategy

Want larger grapes with better color and flavor? You will want to understand the pruning required to get exactly what you want. Too much pruning can give you beautiful vines but no fruit. Too little pruning can give you tons of small fruit.

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