Variety Introduction: Superbena® Royale Red, Cherryburst

Eat Healthier With Organic Vegetables

With so many chemicals and toxins in vegetables today it’s becoming less healthy to purchase them from the store. It might come as a surprise to most people, but not to DIY gardeners from all over the US. Commercially grown produce is coated with carcinogens and poisonous chemicals. A great way to eat healthier is by starting your own garden behind your house.

The Toro Blower 51599: 3 Ways to Save Money Clearing Your Garden

The Toro Blower 51599 is a very popular garden tool, helping to make the unpopular annual garden clear up a much more satisfying task. I’ve written this article to help you get even more out of your blower. I want to show you how you can save money buying it and also when you use it.

Organizing for Your Garden Success – Preparation for Winter Lets You Enjoy Spring

Winter comes every year here in Texas and in most of the world. It is a time for the earth to rest and relax. However, when spring arrives, there is a lot of work to be done in a short amount of time. With a bit of advance preparation, you can have your garden organized and not be overwhelmed with all the work. Would you like to learn my secret?

Using Sun for Orchid Lights

You must move your orchids in a better light source, a second window, open the curtains, the purposes to which it may eclipse the window as a tree or awning. Be very careful while introducing orchid you (or any plant for that matter) to more light. A plant that has been bad for a long time has very thin sheets that can burn easily.

Tiger Lily Flowers

Initially a flower of the Orient, the Tiger Lily is now spread across continents for its sheer beauty and sweet scent. Though the ancient Chinese used it mostly for its medicinal and edible properties, later that aspect of the Tiger lilies diminished in importance and it became an attractive garden flower all across the world.

Warning! Don’t Use Ordinary Potting Mix For Your Orchids – Here’s What To Use Instead

The most frequently used medium to repot orchids is compost based on chopped bark. However, special orchid bark must be used as the partly composted bark that is sold as mulch in garden centers is not suitable. It doesn’t have enough drainage and this will mean certain disaster for your plant!

White Lilies

The first image that comes to mind when one speaks of lilies is that of the elegant white lily with its fragrant, tender petals; an image of purity, happiness and peace. All ancient cultures across the world have associated the white lilies with gods and spirituality. The most prominent allegorical tales have all linked the white lilies with motherhood. According to Greek mythology, lily flowers sprang from the milk of Goddess Hera, the Queen of Heaven. A similar story is found in Roman mythology also where the lilies are said to originate from the milk of Juno, the queen of the gods. Christianity associates the white lily flowers to Virgin Mary as a symbol of purity, of Immaculate Consumption. It also has references to Christ’s Resurrection and even Christ himself, making the Easter Lilies a symbol of hope and life, of joy and celebration.

Blue Lilies

Blue lilies resemble the lilies only in its name; they are unrelated to the lily flowers and belong to a different family. In fact, even the varieties of popular blue lilies are not from the same family; there are the blue water lilies, blue African lilies, and the blue calla lilies, all belonging to three different plant families. Each has its own identifying characteristics and growing conditions and geographic locations.

Geraniums: From Live Plants to Artificial

Are you tired of seeing those wilted leaves and petals scattering all over your beautiful flower garden? How about watering the newly bloomed geraniums or gardenias every morning and afternoon? Or gathering the undesirable insects and pests that harmed both the foliage and the soil? If you do, then it is time for you to think of something that would change your life and put it into action. And perhaps, it is relatively convenient if you purchase some artificial flowers available in the market.

Heirloom Tomato Seeds – Here Are The 4 Types and Their Origins

In addition to having category names such as Mystery or Family Heirlooms, each variety has a specific name, such as Big Rainbow. The name usually refers to the tomato’s color or flavor. Big Rainbow’s name comes from the yellow and red swirls on its skin that resemble a rainbow…

Flowers – Gardening Tips

A flower garden can be the most beautiful place in your home. It can be a perfect place for meditation or just for relax at the weekend. If you follow some simple tips you can easily create a beautiful flower garden.

5 Great Steps When Caring For Orchids

When you look at orchids you can often think that these exotic flowers are difficult to grow and only the best gardeners can grow and care for them. Years ago, this was mostly the case, but today there is so much rich knowledge out there about caring for orchids that anybody who wants to learn, can grow these beautiful plants. With such a diverse range in species and hybrids, you could be thinking where do I start? Let’s go over some key steps you should consider…

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