Variety Introduction: Supertunia® Charms

Planning a New Garden – How to Analyze Your Plot

Before getting too carried away by the aesthetics of your design, note down particulars of what your garden can offer. By analyzing aspect, exposure, the lie of the land, and soil type, it is surprising how many microclimates you can find, even in a small garden.

Enjoy Backyard Birding

Attracting birds to your garden with bird feeders is a great and economical way to control pests in your garden. Bird feeding enables you to enjoy wildlife up close. By using different types of bird feeders, you can attract different varieties of bird to your backyard. Taking into consideration how to care for bird feeders, where to hang them will enable you to better enjoy a great backyard birding experience.

Yellow Flowered Tricyrtis Species

There are many types of Tricyrtis. Some have an arching stem, some a trailing stem, and some have an erect upright stem. Their flowers may have flat petals, petals that do not open far and are shaped like a bell, or petals that open beyond horizontal and bend backwards (are reflexed).

Choosing The Right Location For Growing A Grape Vine

There are many kinds of fruits that a person can grow in his or her own backyard. For some, they grow fruits such as apples and oranges. They may have their own reasons why they opt to grow these fruits in their places.

Horticultural History of the Genus Tricyrtis

The genus Tricyrtis was discovered in Japan 1784 and introduced to European gardens in the 1820’s. Prior to 1784, the history of Tricyrtis use in Asian gardens is clouded. The large number of Japanese cultivars suggests that it has been in use for quite a while in Japan where it is a popular garden plant, potted plant, and cut flower.

Importance of Nitrogen Compound in Gardening

Whenever starting on any outdoor home gardening project you must be ready to make sure you can maintain the proper level of the most vital element to a garden, nitrogen. This essential compound will be the very thing that makes or breaks the health of your outdoor home gardening project.

Steps in Creating Your Own Vegetable Garden

Making your own vegetable garden is not as difficult and expensive as people seem to think. Have a look at the following steps.

Planting For Winter Garden Beauty

I believe gardening is a passionate hobby that should be pursued year round. Even those of us in the north, with our cold and snowy winters, can enjoy gardening all year.

Best Grapes for Growing – Choosing Your Variety

Planting grapes for growing in your backyard can be a good idea, particularly if you love grape products such as jams, raisins or just the fruit and wine. You have to know what types of grapes are best suited for your backyard.

Three Bonsai Propagation Techniques for Beginners

It can be incredibly satisfying to grow a bonsai tree yourself from scratch. There are many ways to propagate your own tree; some are fairly easy, and others quite complex. This article will walk you through three simple methods of bonsai propagation.

Getting the Right Soil for Your Grape Vines – 3 Easy Steps

When it comes to grape vine soil, you want to ensure you have the right soil that will promote healthy and abundant grapes. It is essential to maintain your soil so that it stays healthy throughout the life of your vineyard. Here we are going to discuss the three essential steps in grape vine soil so that you can promote healthy growth in your vineyard.

The Seven Steps to Grape Vine Planting

When it comes to success with grape vines, it will all depend on the location, climate, types of vines used, and the way in which they are planted. By following the seven essential steps for grape vine planting you can have those sweet grapes growing like a professional in no time. Sun and high temperatures are loved by grape vines.

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