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The Art of Bonsai Tree Pruning

Bonsai tree pruning is the basis of the bonsai art. The way we prune these trees to transform them into a small version and to make them remain miniature is the most essential step of the process. Shaping is another main factor, but bonsai tree are irrespective of whether or not it is shaped.

Helpful Information About Gardening Equipment

To keep gardening equipment working efficiently and to prolong their useful life and reduce rust an corrosion to a minimum, its important to clean you gardening equipment after use, and, in case of cutting implements, to keep them sharpened an well lubricated. Spades There is little difference between a squared or rounded spade but, the tread or flange can cause heavy soil to stick, making for unsatisfactory work. The choice of an O- or T-shaped Handel is a matter of taste.

Healthy Eating Facts – Creating Your Cooking Herbs Garden

If you have enough space to spare a corner for cooking herb garden, then there are many gardening books that may guide you to create one. Depending on space, time and money, you can create anything from a tiny corner filled with half a dozen of your favorite herbs to a classic walled herb garden, a knot garden or even a traditional formal parterre.

Helpful Hints in Looking After Azaleas and Hydrangeas Over Summer

This article gives the home gardeners tips on how to look after the heat senstive plants azaleas and hydrangers. Heat and water stress can cause many problems with these plants, some are repairable, others aren’t. It talks about the correct position in the garden and gives some tips on what you can do to protect them during those scorchers where temperatures are well over 40C (100F+).

Orchids Pruning – Tricks for More Beautiful Blooms

Expert orchids growers used pruning all the time to get more orchids. You can do the same too at home, with just a few simple steps.

How Tos On Storing Worm Tea

When you finish soaking your bag (any make-shift bag using a stocking hose or old sock with no holes to use as a strainer) of worm castings into a bucket full of chlorine free water, what should you be doing next? Aside from directly applying your tea to your plants and soil (as a garden supplement), storing worm tea is another thing to be considered.

Healthy Eating Facts – Planting Your Own Herbs for Healthy Cooking

Growing your own herbs in your garden is a very good idea and beneficial too. It is easy to work out, time saving, convenient and last but not least, cost saving. You may compare the price of a few sprig of sage, thyme or basil in a plastic sac with a pack of seeds of those herbs. See how big the different is.

Outdoor Composting Right at Your Backyard!

Composting is typically seen as something that’s set for the outdoors. But nonetheless, it is something that you can do inside the comforts of your own home as well. But if you’re into doing it at a larger scale, then outdoor composting might just be the type your looking for.

CO2 Generators Explained

Indoor gardeners wanting to supplement their grow rooms with CO2 should consider using a generator instead of bottles as it is much cheaper. Generators burn a pure blue flame and the by-product is CO2.

Tips in Growing Your Home Herb Garden

The following three tips will be of great help to those having the intention of start growing a home herb garden. Being followed keenly can give good returns. The first thing to do is to thoroughly prepare the soil before you plant on your own home garden herb.

Points In Growing Your Home Herb Garden

It a great idea to grow your own home herb home garden. The following points will be helpful in this endeavor. If you follow them faithfully you will have good results from your home herb garden. Like any other king of food crops, the home herbs do well when the soil is weld prepared before growing the herbs.

How to Plant a Hedge

Planting a hedge is something which most people will attempt themselves or will have there gardener do in their lifetime, especially those who have large gardens. There are many reasons why you may want to consider planting hedges but the main reason is to form a barrier between you and your neighbours garden and boundaries and to provide privacy.

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