Variety Introductions: Supertunia® Limoncello, Black Cherry and Mini Rose Veined

Follow These Tips to Grow Healthy Artichokes in Your Home Vegetable Garden

In warmer areas it can be a perennial but for most of us where the temperatures drop artichokes are an annual. Artichokes are easier to grow than you think. Simply follow these steps and you will be well on your way to a healthy artichoke harvest.

Getting Yourself Educated About LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights serve amazingly well to grow plants indoor. This article provides certain information about LED lights that is important for all users of these lights to know, including some precautions.

Deciding on a Site for the Veggie Garden

I cannot sufficiently stress how the location chosen for growing organic vegetables is extremely critical. A badly selected site will drastically limit the potential for crop yields, irrespective of any horticulture skills or technical talents which are subsequently employed. Even one of the most basic types of vegetables possess an extended pedigree of selective breeding. Like racehorses, and fancy dog breeds, most of our cultivated vegetables keep minimal resemblance with their wild forebears. As an end result, their proliferation and survival depends upon the maintenance of favourable conditions inside a sensibly controlled and secure environment. In choosing an appropriate site for growing vegetables, I advise the optimum management of 4 important aspects: sunlight, h2o and drainage, soil chemistry, physical defense and ease of access.

LED Grow Lights and A Low-Down on LEDs

LED grow lights are getting popular with people interested in growing plants indoor. This article gives information on what LEDs are and how their most popular use is in the form of LED grow lights.

LED Plant Light – The Cost Factor

This article provides information on how a person using LED plant lights to grow plant indoors can save a lot of money. As compared to when using other types of grow lights.

Timing of Pruning

It is crucial that you know what time of year is best to prune your plants. If you attempt to prune a plant at the wrong time of year it may become very sick, and even die.

The Reasons for Pruning and Training

Many plants require pruning on a regular basis, and training to help keep their shape. However, there are many ways to go wrong when pruning and there is a lot to learn.

8 Tips For Home Gardening That Are Enjoyable For The Kids

Normal kids would always find dirt places their favorite fun-time, and certainly, home gardening is one sure activity that kids are having fun. Allow the children to choose the plants they would like to grow. This article gives you tips and information on how to make your kids getting excited in home gardening.

Eco Friendly Plantable Paper

We are becoming more aware in preserving our environment and now there is plantable paper available for those special types of projects. This type of paper is especially helpful if you are planning to give away favors or some sort of token to guests at a particular function. Did you know that now the paper comes in a variety of different types of styles.

Roses – General Cultivation

Roses are some of the most beautiful flowers that you will ever see, and they are also some of the most popular. However most people that grow roses have no idea how to maintain them and keep them in a healthy and vigorous state.

Growing Muscadine Grapes Made Easy

A successful grape grower is one who knows how to grow grape. This article will arm you with the accurate knowledge that you’ll need to learn how to grow muscadine grapes. You will learn many interesting facts including soil and fertility, training an pruning, and harvesting.

Find Out When To Plant Tomatoes For The Best Results

Are you craving to grow your own juicy, luscious and sweet tomatoes? Knowing when to plant tomatoes and how to take the right care of them definitely plays a vital role in giving you the best results.

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