Vertical hydroponic system with PVC pipes

Different Ways to Water Your Vegetable Garden

Believe it or not, there are many different ways to water your vegetable garden. This article will explain the different ways to water and the pros and cons of each method!

Growing a Gardener

Thoughts on how people become gardeners. Changes in life situations effect how you view the natural landscape around you and help you shape it for yourself.

How to Create and Freeze Pumpkin Puree With Pumpkins Harvested From Your Garden!

By making and freezing pumpkin puree from the pumpkins in your garden, you are guaranteeing yourself the ability to make great-tasting recipes all winter long.

Does Your Perennial Border Contain Ornamental Salvias?

If you have not yet explored the world of ornamental salvias, then its time you did! The salvia or sage group of plants is one of the largest, with culinary, medicinal and ornamental types all present. Tough as nails and almost indifferent to conditions, ornamental salvias exhibit a range of color, texture and size that can work almost anywhere in the garden. You’ll want to find out more!

Discover the Fascinating Herbs of Tea Herb Gardening Part 2 of 3

Sage: During the holidays this herb is used as a primary ingredient in cornbread dressing especially in the Southern United States where it is an important ingredient in pork sausage as well. When brewed as a tea it is known for eliminating night sweats by reducing fever. Sage also combats common colds, liver and kidney issues.

Medicinal Herb Plants – Growing Them

Since the ancient times, medicinal herb plants have been used to cure different illnesses like common colds, indigestion, depression, and many others. The good thing about these herbs is that it is possible to grow them indoors and outdoors.

Bonsai Ochna Serrulata For Your Balcony Garden

The Ochna serrulata makes an interesting outdoor bonsai subject. Its foliage is attractive, its flowers are striking, and the seed formation is unique. This slow-growing shrub can be trained to develop the character traits that are desired in a bonsai subject.

Garden Flowers, Shrubs and Your Lawn in Mid-Late September

The best of the hardy chrysanthemums intended for propa­gation later on should be labelled with tie-ons. Border carnations layered in July and now rooted, may be separated from the parent plant. New beds or borders that are to be made should be dug now.

Vegetables, Fruit, and Your Lawn in Mid September

Cabbages should not be fed or manured now or they will make soft growth that will not survive the winter. If they are growing too close to each other, alternate plants can be sent to the kitchen in the spring Sow a last row of kale, because it is a great winter standby.If late marrows, squashes and pumpkins are slow in ripening and still on the plants, they should be raised on glass or wood above soil level away from devouring insects.

How to Grow Sunflowers

There can’t be anyone who isn’t instantly cheered up when they see the bright yellow heads of sunflowers bobbing in the breeze. Sunflowers conjure up images of the wilds of France, of summer days and warmth. Everything they represent is wonderful.

Flowers, Shrubs, and in the Greenhouse in Mid September

Clean up the rock garden and the surprising debris that surrounds the plants, and top-dress the plants with finely sieved leaf-mould and grit. Iris unguicularis can be planted or transplanted, but the roots must be kept moist until established.

Plant Growing Advice – Everything You Need to Know Regarding Rainfall

Water is the significant constituent of cell sap and is a critical element pertaining to plant health. It’s crucial for the process of photosynthesis, where water and carbon dioxide are transformed into food and transport nutrients for the plant. A good water source is additionally needed for respiration, seed germination and also the production of healthy roots, shoots, foliage, flowers and fruits.

Advantages of Indoor Vegetable Gardening

Vegetable gardening is an activity that is both convenient and satisfying for any homeowner. In America itself, each year more and more people are discovering the joy of indoor gardening for their everyday vegetable needs.

Tips For Green Gardening

Green gardening is about using environmentally conscious gardening techniques. It is essentially the futuristic way to better gardening, and hopefully more and more gardeners and homeowners will practice it, so that the environment can be saved from further damage.

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