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The Affordable and Mandatory Home Herb Garden Kits For Every Gardener

My childhood was spent in the vicinity of trees, wild shrubs and flowers growing in our small backyard with magnificent mango and guava trees that gave the sweetest mangoes and guavas I have ever tasted. I would climb the tree along with my younger sister, track and have an account of the total mangoes and guavas.

Harvesting Castings

Harvesting castings from a worm bin can be challenging. It can take hours to hand pick all your worms from the finished compost and dumping your whole worm herd into the garden is not the best solution. Here are a couple of ways to harvest castings from your worm bin.

How to Set Up Your New Worm Bin

Once you purchase or make your worm bin you will need to supply the worms with bedding in which they can hide in and eventually consume. Find out the best methods for starting a new bin.

Pruning Apple Trees – A Simple Task With a High Reward

Apple Trees like all fruit trees and bushes need to be pruned to get the best results and harvest. Still many people find it difficult to start because they fear pruning the wrong branches, or the wrong sprout. Find the basics and some resources about this not so difficult but of so necessary gardening task…

Things You Should Know About Orchid Plant Care

When it comes to flowering plants, orchids are the largest and most popular family in the world. In order to understand the basic needs of these beautiful plants, you need to understand orchid plant care and take the extra step to successfully care for their needs. Orchids are easy to grow and care for.

Determining When to Winterize Your Plant Propagation Misting System

As fall arrives and winter is right around the corner, you need to begin to think of exactly when to take apart and winterize your plant propagation misting system. Turning it off to prematurely may damage your cuttings, too late and your misting system itself may be damaged.

Gifts For Gardeners – Season by Season

If your friends or family members are gardeners, you will never run out of gift ideas for special occasions. The only problem will be deciding what gardening tool or accessory to buy. We think of gardens in connection with spring and summer but there are garden gifts suitable for any season of the year.

Environmentally Sound – Rainwater Garden

Having a cleaner environment to live in becomes a more vital topic today than ever. The industrial revolution of the urban life, automobiles, all the chemical stuff we use everyday all these add up to the pollution of the waters and air we all depend on for our living.

Some Basic Benefits of Having Your Own Vegetable Garden

I grew up around a large vegetable garden as a child. My parents each year would always have a very large one. We had a lot of room to grow everything from field corn to watermelons.

Raised Beds For Herb Gardening

When I first got started growing herbs, flowers and vegetables in my garden, I didn’t have a lot of money for supplies. I got some great books that told me exactly what to do to grow fabulous plants at home. Do you want to know the secret? Prepare great soil!

Container Gardening – Creating the Perfect Atmosphere For Your Backyard Deck

A backyard deck is not finished unless you add some plants to the mix. Knowing how to do container gardening is the only way you can insure they will survive and thrive creating that look you want on your deck.

The Organic Gardening Basic Information

For a number of years, commercial farmers and home gardeners were made to believe that using chemical fertilizers is the way to go to grow good and healthy plants, and that pesticides and herbicides are the only effective way of controlling pests, weeds and plant diseases that commonly infest the garden. But numerous studies have proven how these supposedly miracle products are causing more harm than benefits. Coincidentally, studies also show that organically grown foods are more nutritious and better tasting than those cultivated using these chemicals.

Home Vegetable Gardening – Growing Radishes

Whichever variety you choose to grow, the steps to ensure a great radish harvest are virtually the same. Here is how you can grow great radishes in your home vegetable garden.

Have You Prepared the Herb Garden For the Long Winter Ahead?

Winterizing the garden actually begins in August. By the end of August the herbs you have chosen to harvest and store should have already been picked at their peak and prepared for future use either by freezing, drying or storage in a medium such as vinegar, salt or sugar.

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