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Growing Bonsai – Care for Fall

Leaf color may be close to its best in October when growing bonsai trees. This is the time to enjoy your colorful bonsai using them within your everyday living environment as well as displaying them for friends. As always, winter, spring, summer or fall, watch watering!

Fruit and Berry Bonsai Autumn Pruning and Root Care Recommendations

Many bonsai trees are seriously weakened and the next season’s crop lessened if the fruit is left on the tree for a long period of time. The pomegranate bonsai seems to be the touchiest in this regard and I would suggest removing the fruit entirely in this case or leaving them on for only an extremely short time.

A Wonderful Tree Very Few Are Aware of Which Is Very Well Suited to Bonsai Cultivation

Why is it that everyone around me seems to know all the simple facts about gardening that after some thirty plus years of gardening I do not know? Why should it take me all of this time to realize that my potted geraniums, fuchsias, amaryllis, and begonias all like a shot of blue green algae every Thursday morning at six thirty? Upon making this discovery and implementing it I must say, this summer, mine do look glorious.

Caring for Wild Bonsai Trees and Shrubs

When collecting trees and shrubs in the wild to use for bonsai, many have questions regarding what is the best necessary care for gathering such trees and bushes. How soon should you start training them? What ration should the root ball be to be safe? How long is the shavings and shade?

How To Keep Cut Flowers Fresh and Beautiful

Flowers will add color, beauty and inspiration to your home. Whether you buy them from your local florist, a grocery store or a farmers market, fresh cut flowers are an easy display that can transform any room. Their simple beauty has the ability add elegance to any occasion.

Garlic – THE Plant To Grow in November

Now November is here and we’re in the mid-Autumn, the leaves have fallen, temperatures have dropped & the garden is settling down waiting for Winter to arrive. I sometimes get asked by my gardening clients if there is any vegetables they can plant outside at this time of year. Unfortunately, with a very few exceptions, the answer is “not a lot”. However, there is one thing for which November is the perfect planting time – Garlic. This article provides more information about planting & growing garlic.

Gardeners Can Take Time Off During December – Or Not

Gardeners can normally take the month of December off as cool weather brings growing to a near stop. Most plants and trees will survive the month nicely on their own. For die-hard gardeners, however, some work can still be done.

Grape Growing Guide: Starting Your Own Venture

Starting your venture can be tricky, and you probably have a lot of questions on how to grow grapes, how to plant them, the equipments you need, etc. Here is a grape growing guide to help you start your venture.

Steps to Growing Grapes From Seeds

If you are just starting your grape growing venture, growing grapes from seeds is not exactly ideal. First, the grape seeds do not carry the characteristics of the grapes they came from, so you’re not exactly sure what you will get.

Guide to Growing Concord Grapes

Concord grapes are one of the most popular and versatile varieties of grape. Many home growers decide to grow these grapes because they are easy to grow and are able to adapt in different climate conditions. Growing concord grapes isn’t hard, but there are some things you need to know before growing this delicious grape variety.

Goodbye Farmers Market, Hello Higher Food Prices

The Food Safety Bill S 510 is very close to being passed. And the Tasker amendment, once hoped to save the small farmer and the local food movement, has been scaled back.

Secrets of Turning a Disused Spa Into a Vegetable Paradise

A while ago we realised that our gorgeous big Leopard Tree was strangling the underground pipes around our inground spa. The options were to dig up all the concrete, attack the roots and replace the damaged pipes, or forget about having a spa.

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