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Tomato Worms – Identifying and Controlling Hornworms in the Garden

Many gardeners are shocked to find their tomato plant’s leaves stripped to skeletonized form overnight. The culprit is likely tomato worms, the most common of which are the tomato hornworm and the tobacco hornworm. Learn how to identify and control these pests.

Helping Mother Earth – Recycling Food and Garbage Waste With Composting Machines

In an effort to help the environment and “go green”, composting is a means of turning our everyday food waste into a rich soil that can be used to plant flowers and vegetables. All of the rich nutrients that come from the compost soil will result in brighter flowers and tasty vegetables. Start composting today!

Diagnosing Deficiencies in Your Plants’ Diets

This is an instructional article aimed at helping gardeners identify common deficiencies in garden plants. There are also a number of solutions available for each plant problem.

Adopting Fruit Thinning For Getting Better Fruits

If you are a recent fruit grower, then the one thing that might perturb you is the size of the fruits in your orchard. You might feel that the fruits are comparatively smaller in size as compared to the ones available at your fruit vendor or grocer stores.

How Do I Stop Birds From Eating My Vegetable Seeds?

When you plant seeds directly into your garden, there is a great chance that a bird will come along and swoop it up as food. Don’t become a victim to “why aren’t my seeds growing?” Follow some of these ideas to keep the birds out of your home vegetable garden.

Positioning Your Plants Outdoors

A veranda or outdoor patio can be a great spot to grant your house plants a summer trip. Like us, they get an extra small bit of energy with a change of landscapes and are in great shape to come back to their normal interior environment whenever the temperature turns.

The Secrets of How to Design an Herb Garden

Don’t hire a landscaper to design your herb garden, do it yourself. This article will give you all the information you need to get started designing your own garden including how to create a theme, draft a garden design, and many other great tips.

Your Own Personal Home Garden

Organic gardening in Connecticut, a state with many opportunities. Investing the time to grow your own home garden can be very rewarding.

Guidelines For Buying Used Greenhouses

Buying a used greenhouse can be a cheap but effective way to raise plants. If you are going to buy a used greenhouse, you need to assess several issues, like the heating system and unit size. Use practical tips for buying greenhouses and spend your money more efficiently.

Greenhouse Clean – Tips and Advice to Guard Against Pests

The devious nature of pests never ceases to amaze even the most experienced Victorian greenhouse owner. It would be perfectly normal to think that with necessary protocol followed rigidly and down to the very last detail, pests such as white-fly and spider mites wouldn’t stand a chance. Unfortunately this is not exactly the case. As well as being the ideal environment for growing organic produce, the greenhouse is the ideal pest playground.

How to Choose the Best Greenhouse For Your Requirements

When choosing the best type of greenhouse, it is imperative you first decide how you want to use it. Use, location, climate and size are all factors to consider, along with cost. Explore these four questions to narrow in on your particular requirements so you can make the best choice.

Growing by Season – Spring and Summer

It is safe to say that the once humble greenhouse has out-grown the basic expectations of yester-year; indeed, it has shed its once simplistic persona, following the trail of constant progression as determinedly as any other facet of modern human life. Through the collaboration of the global community it has adapted, evolved, and, with the advent of cutting edge technology, changed beyond all recognition.

Overwintering in Greenhouses Explained

Before the popular arrival of the Victorian greenhouse, winter was a dreaded thing feared by many gardeners lacking the precise conditions to deal with the coming of winter. Rather than a welcome intermission between the old year and new, it represented a time of worry, decay, and at times substantial loss.

5 Fast-Growing Ground Cover Choices For Difficult Locations

Do you have areas of bare ground in need of a fast-growing ground cover? Bare ground is susceptible to soil erosion and the over-growth of weeds.

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