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The Basics Before Getting A Greenhouse

Have you ever wanted to own an awesome garden? Well everyone does, but the problem is, do you have the space? The answer to this problem is a greenhouse kit! Imagine the beauty of constructing your garden in doors? There are three aspects to a greenhouse kit, the cost, the materials and also the additional accessories. A greenhouse needs a lot of love and effort don’t you know?

Orchid Lights – Is HID the Growers Answer?

When investigating the development of a lighting system, consider room or space available, electrical needs, and temperature and air flow, all critical components to the growing of your orchids. When taking into account the orchids’ lighting needs, remember this is a tropical plant.

Herb Growing – What’s in it For You?

Herb growing is a very exciting hobby if you want to succeed at it. People who have no knowledge about culinary herbs prefer to plant herbs for medicinal purposes. In countries like Italy, China and other parts of the globe, culinary herbs are very famous.

Tips For Taking Care of a Phal Orchid

Just as with any orchid there are basic things just have to be done and on regular basis. Taking care of a Phal or Phalaenopsis orchid is not a big challenge. Following a few rules will insure a long and healthy life for your orchid. One of the best reasons for choosing a phalaenopsis is it is one of the highest in demand in the orchid industry and one of the most popular orchid types. Also, under the right conditions blooms can last for many months.

Guidelines to Watering Your Orchid

Are you unsure about the right way to water your orchid? This article provides the answers, starting with how orchids get their water in the wild and then revealing the techniques you can use to replicate those natural conditions to ensure that your orchid remains healthy.

Lily of the Valley Plant Facts and Meaning

Lily of the valley is a hardy, shade-loving plant, it is also known by its scientific name of Convallaria majalis. Other names include muguet, Jacob’s ladder, male lily, Lily Constancy, ladder to heaven, Convall-lily, May bells, Our Lady’s tears and May lily. Lily of the valley is a low-growing plant that grows by spreading rhizomes (roots) under the ground. The flower typically grows to about 8 inches in height and resembles dainty white bells. Lily of the valley plants that are fully grown will have small, white, bell-shaped flowers with a strong fragrance.

Gardening Must Haves

Typically gardening is categorized into indoor gardening, outdoor gardening, water gardening, container and raised bed gardening. These are the most popular ways of gardening on a domestic as well as commercial scale. Whether you opt it as a hobby or as a profession, here are the essential things you will need to succeed in healthy gardening.

Darwin’s Observations of Orchids and His Theory of Natural Selection

Orchids have evolved in numerous different environments around the world and even today’s scientists study them to learn more about the evolution of plants. It is interesting to note that famed scientist and originator of the Theory of Evolution made detailed observations of orchids to help prove his theories of natural selection. When Darwin published On the Origin of Species in 1859 he was criticized for not providing enough proof of his theories.

Why Orchid Lights Are Helpful

Some orchids only need a grow light to thrive. This makes it possible to grow orchids in dim lighting conditions. The trick is to research before you buy.

Bittersweet Floral Arrangement

Bittersweet are usually used as floral arrangements for Thanksgiving, autumn wedding ornaments and bouquet. The things needed are bittersweet vine, pail, ice water, scissors, floral wire, wire cutters, rubber band, vase, and yellow or orange roses.

Growing Orchids in Your Home Garden 2010

Many are of the opinion that the growing orchids takes a lot of time. Some species of orchids do however need special care and time. The most popular species of the orchid is phaleanopsis as it is the easiest type of orchid to grow in your home garden. This species of orchid is available in a wide variety of colors and can make your home garden look simply beautiful.

Bamboo Orchid Plant – A Great First Orchid to Grow and a Lovely Addition to Any Garden

The bamboo orchid plant is a great plant to have, whether you are an orchid lover, or simply looking for the perfect plant for a specific spot in your garden this is a wonderful choice. Unlike many of the other orchids the bamboo orchid plant can be anything from eight inches to six feet tall. They can also be left in the garden all year round if you live in a frost free environment. They will also need to be sheltered from the wind and excessive rain. They are a great way to soften the look of a covered terrace and to create a cosy, sweetly scented area.

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