What are the Longest Blooming Perennials?

Importance of a Vineyard Trellis

Grapes are meant to grow on a vine. In fact, finding the correct space to grow your grapes is rather easy. You can grow grapes in your backyard, if you have just enough space to spare.

Old and Modern Garden Rose Types

Roses, The beautiful flowers that we all love are sometimes classified into 2 rose types. The Old Garden Rose Type and the Modern Garden Rose Type. Old Garden Type is romanticized with beautiful names like heirloom or heritage roses.

The Most Powerful Plants to Clean The Air in Your Home

So by now most of you know that the air inside your home can (and most likely is) 3-4 times more toxic than the air outside your home, if you live in the city it could by even worse. So what do we do?

Survival Vegetable Gardening, What’s All the Buzz?

Recent years have brought a wide spread feeling of unease among many people globally. Fears of financial upheavals, overpopulation, global warming, wars and natural disasters have most of us thinking “What’s next?” If any of these scenarios happen, our first concern would be feeding our families. Food will disappear from the grocers’ shelves in three days in the event of an emergency, so let’s be prepared for such a scenario.

Tips For Starting Your Garden With Seeds

Gardening is the most popular at-home hobby in America, and it is easy to tell why. There is a great sense of satisfaction that comes with growing your own flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables. If you wish to start your own garden from seeds, here are some tips to ensure that your seeds will sprout successfully, and your garden will flourish.

Gardening – How to Store Your Own Seeds For Next Year

Once you have planted a home garden, there is no reason for you to ever spend money on seeds again. All you need to do is harvest seeds from your home grown flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Follow these easy tips in order to correctly harvest and store seeds for the following year.

How To Avoid Injuries From The Garden Fork

Struck in the face with the garden fork? Perhaps you need to be thinking about garden tool storage right now!

Doing Your Vegetable Garden

It is quite easy and cheap to start a vegetable garden as you will notice from the following steps. 1. Have a look inside your recycling bin.

The Best Way to Plant Seeds Indoors

Here you will find ideas on planting your seeds indoors using inexpensive equipment. You will also find information about finding the right size of container for your needs and how to plant the seeds properly. Discover watering techniques that will give you the best plant growth.

Ways to Control Pests

You will find some of the very best ways to control unwanted pests in your organic garden. Here you will be given ways to grow healthy plants that naturally resist pests and disease. Non toxic products can be applied to reduce garden pests and enrich soil fertility.

Importance of Orchids Watering

Almost all plants in the world needs daily watering. Water is essential to the plants’ growth. It carries nutrients and minerals that the plant needed for nourishment and further development.

Common Causes of Orchid Disease

Preventing orchid disease requires persistent attention to the condition of your plants. By recognizing the symptoms early you can prevent a curable condition from becoming fatal. Discover some of the tell-tale signs that require your immediate attention.

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