What Plant Hardiness Zones DON’T Tell You…

5 Landscape Design Software Features That Can Help You Design Your Yard

If you’re considering getting a landscape design software program, there are a number of features you have to be aware of. With these features, you will be able to come up with all sorts of design possibilities for your yard without having to make any physical modifications to the landscape just yet. Get to know these 5 common features you will see in the majority of landscape design software programs.

Butterfly Gardening – How to Propagate Milkweed

Everyone loves to have a prolific butterfly garden, but who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on plants? Here are the basics to propagating milkweed, the host plant of the monarch butterfly.

Why Would People Grow Herbs Indoors?

People often think of cooking only when they decide to grow herbs indoors, but there are many reasons to grow and love herbs inside the home or office. They can be aromatic and can be beautiful decorating tools in the kitchen, break room, or throughout the home. Bay windows in kitchen areas that have a southern or eastern exposure to light are perfect places to plan indoor herb gardening.

Nifty and Thrifty General Garden Tips!

It’s easy these days to be blinded by horticultural science and bewildered by the array of new and complicated products on sale for the garden. But look back a few years and use some good old practical know-how and you’ll find some amazing money-saving, nifty alternative ways of growing plants and maintaining your garden.

The Garden in January – Jobs to Do and Plants of Interest

Now that Christmas is over, us gardeners are resigned to a couple of months of dark cold days when the garden looks very sparse, before new plants and shoots begin to appear. However, there is always something you can do in January, even if it’s indoors.

A Cup of Tea and a Seed Catalogue

Christmas is over and a new year beckons with the promise of spring around the corner. However, the garden is still gripped by winter weather – winds and rain, or frozen in the stillness of a hard frost. As a gardener you are itching to be out there, frustratingly waiting for the first bulbs to poke their heads through the hard ground. Not much to be done in the garden, but you can console yourself with planning for the year ahead in your garden with a nice cup of tea and a seed catalogue. There are an abundance of good seed catalogue companies and it is both enjoyable and enlightening to peruse new varieties in either hard copy catalogues or online.

How To Make A Stealth Grow Room Inside A Little House

You may want to construct your own grow room in your home or apartment, but the area of your place makes it a bit difficult. If you live in a tiny place, you can still order a grow tent or chamber to start a stealthy operation to mature any type of plant you wish inside your home. One of the beauties of making an indoor grow room is that any area inside a home can operate as a growing environment, from the walk-in closet to a cupboard in your kitchen; all you need is the creative genius and equipment to make it happen.

Hydroponics 101 – Hydroponics Systems Explained

Hydroponics gardening is the method of growing plants without the use of soil. You can use this method of gardening to grow almost any plant, from flowers and herbs to edible vegetables and fruits. There are many different types of hydroponics gardening. Ebb and flow, aeroponics, continuous-flow solution culture, and deep water culture are just a few of the systems in use today.

Seasonal Lawn Care

While winter has arrived for many of us, the weather is somewhat unpredictable anymore. With warmer seasons the autumn weather seems to last a bit longer in some regions nowadays. That said, fall lawn care is essential to a healthy turf. Just because it is getting cooler out, doesn’t mean the work is through. Autumn is one of the best times to fertilize. If you only fertilize your lawn once a year then this is the ideal season to do it.

Garden Planning 101

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. We have all heard this saying but one may wonder what that has to do with gardening. Gardeners who do not plan run the chance of producing too much, too little or creating a garden full of problems. The planning process should never become a chore but instead a time to revisit the past, evaluate the present, and plan for the future.

5 Household Items That Can Be Reused In the Garden

Landfills are filling up and prices on everything are escalating. You can do a few small things to help keep things out of the landfills and reduce your cost of gardening. You can save money and reduce landfill waste by taking some common household items and finding alternative uses for them. Here are several suggestions: Egg cartons, plastic containers, soda bottles, vegetables, and newspaper.

Creating Different Types of Farms For Homegrown Food

Many people enjoy living off the land by growing their own vegetables or raising their own livestock. There are many types of farms in the US that utilize the land to live or run a business.

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