Where did all the Nitrogen go? – Part 2 of the Potato Grow Bag Trials

Herb Garden Herbs For the Cook

Herb garden herbs can make up an entire lovely garden for show and in use in your home. The herbs most used by cooks in cooking tend to be the ones that have the most aromatic smells. The smell of cooking herbs has been known to be calming and to make people feel at home. This is because of the comforting smell they have.

Different Kinds of Canadian Flowers

Canadian flowers are majestic in their looks and often can be found growing wildly within Canada’s many forests and fields. You will find most of these treasure within their own habitats they have grown in for many a year.

Get Your Garden Ready For Winter

It might be difficult to get motivated for some gardening during the dark, cold days but a little time spent now will make things a lot easier come spring. So get your boots on and follow these handy hints to see your garden through the winter.

Get Started With Making Your Own Compost

It is estimated that around 40% of what we put in our refuse bins could be turned into compost – add to this the amount of green waste we take to the tip or burn on bonfires and you’ve already got a rich source of ‘fuel’ for producing compost. It’s easy to produce your own free garden compost, so why not save yourself some cash and help save the environment by following a few easy tips.

Understanding the Symbolism of Flowers Can Let You Give the Best Ones

All through the past flowers have had a lot of meaning to them. Considering the specific one you choose to give your message can be a lot more thoughtful.

Making Gifts Out of Herbs

If you have a herb garden, how about using it to make delightful little gifts for your friends and family with the help of fresh herbs? These gifts would be personalized as well as carry the fragrance of your home-grown herbs that will remind the receiver of you.

An Introduction to Growing Bonsais

China and Japan are known for their skill in growing bonsai trees but one of the first civilizations to grow bonsais were the ancient Egyptians. It is said that bonsais were first thought of when healers needed miniatures of trees that had healing powers so that they could carry them around easily. Bonsai growing soon developed into a hobby which is almost an art form.

Herb Garden Kits

You want to start an herb garden but you barely know a stalk from a leaf. What if I could show you an easy shortcut? Herb garden kits.

Some Tips in Decorating Your Garden Beautifully

Garden somehow becomes an important part of a building because it has a lot of functions such as to decorate the yard of a building, to be a recreation area and also to be a natural air filter. Therefore, garden is usually designed in beautiful decoration and is made as attractive as possible. However, when you are designing a garden, you are not only deals with flowers.

Herb Garden – A Brief Introduction

Gardening is one of people’s favorite recreational habits and most of them consider having a garden in a part of their house because it not only looks beautiful but it also provides an elegant and classy look to your place and you surrounding area as well. No matter what features you add to your garden including, flowers, fountains, furniture and etc, it ought to look attractive yet fascinating at the same time as well.

Mini Herb Garden Ideas

The idea of having tiny versions of every herb at your fingertips is appealing. Pruning and pinching will keep plants compact and bushy, but some herbs are meant to grow three feet tall.

Gardening Mistakes – Top Three

Don’t wait for experience to be your teacher. Learning how to avoid three common gardening mistakes can save you time energy and money.

Flowering Plants – How to Keep Plants Growing and Blooming

Everyone loves flowering house plants. Their blooms – sometimes fragrant, always colorful – catch and hold the eye. They make a unique addition to any decorating scheme.

Soil is Not Dirt!

The author briefly describes here the journey of good quality soil. He goes on to show that soil is not dead dirt, but a living investment.

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