Where Should You Place Your Net Pots in a Deep Water Culture System?

Hazel Tree History and Facts

Hazel, also known as (Corylus avellana) is a deciduous and is tree native to Britain. It is a broadleaf species and grows throughout Europe but can also be found in western Asia and North Africa. In the United Kingdom it is usually found in ash, oak and birch woodland but is also found in hedgerows and scrub.

Are Tree Stumps, A Pain In Your Grass?

Ever since cavemen emerged and tripped over a tree stump, humanity has delt with stump removal in a variety of ways. This article is for those of you who have gardening plans which includs siting a new shed, creating a garden bed, unhindered lawn mowing, minimising fungal attack, or you’re just plain fed up with the sight of tree stumps. I will cover the options open to you for getting rid of “A Pain In The Grass” from the perspective of a household garden. Tree stump removal options presented, range from practical to impractical to rediculous.

The Primary Advantages of Mulching Plants and Gardens

Mulching is a way of giving your plant beds a facelift. It makes plants healthier and garden maintenance hassle free.

Field Maple Tree History and Facts

Field maple, also known as (Acer campestre), is a deciduous and is tree native to Britain and surrounds wide areas of Europe. It is a broadleaf tree and is the only maple native to the UK. It can be found growing in hedgerows, woods and scrubs as well as chalky downland.

Common Hawthorn Tree History and Facts

Common hawthorn, also known as (Crataegus monogyna), is a deciduous tree and is native to Britain and much of Europe as well. The tree can often be found growing in scrub, hedgerows and woodland. It is tolerant to most soils but grows the best in full sunlight. Hawthorns often hybridises with other native species of hawthorn like Midland hawthorn (Crataegus laevigata). They are very similar trees and can be hard to distinguish.

Bird Cherry Tree History and Facts

Bird cherry, otherwise known as (Prunus padus), is a deciduous species and is native to the Britain and large parts of Europe. You will often find the tree growing in wet woodlands, streams and by river banks. It is closely related to Prunus avium (wild cherry), but are easy to distinguish between the two.

It Is Easier to Create a Realistic Fairy Garden When You Are Familiar With Miniature Scales

The allure to miniature gardening or fairy gardens is that all ages that can create a garden suited to their lifestyle and surroundings. From small-scale terrarium gardens to large-scale landscape gardens, miniatures can be displayed in a variety of places. People living in the country may consider designing a plot of land for their garden, while apartment dwellers may chose container or terrarium mini gardens. Whatever the size of your garden, having a consistent scale will create realism in the world of minis.

5 Proven Ways You Can Inspire Kids to Garden With YOU

This is a short guide for inspiring kids to get their hands dirty with YOU in the garden. Five proven strategies to engage and excite them to join you.

Requiem for a Willow

When I moved into my house almost 30 years ago, I was charmed by the ancient weeping willow that stood sentinel in front of the house. My beautiful aged friend is now gone. It succumbed to myriad maladies brought on by the drought last year and the harsh winter this year.

Simple Tips For Effective Landscape Gardening

There are people who believe that there are two ways to keep your lawn. You either spend no money on it and ignore the fact that it looks like a trailer park, or you lavish care on it and make it look like the White House lawns. Well, of course, as with everything else that takes an extreme view of things, this is somewhat wrong. Affordable landscaping is eminently possible and it can be yours if you know how.

Keep Gardens Thriving Despite August Heat

With August being the warmest month of the year in Southern California, keeping gardens growing in the heat can be a challenge. Prune Less: Avoid removing large branches from trees and shrubs in summer. The shade keeps soil temperatures underneath the trees cool.

Techniques in Growing Various Flowering Plants

Flower gardening is an invigorating and productive hobby. Moreover, flowers can make your lawn and entire home look more enticing. These plants can transform a plain-looking property into a colorful and beautiful landscape.

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