Which Squash Varieties Are We Going To Grow?

Tips For Growing Climbing Roses

Climbing roses can be a beautiful focal point in your garden. Read on for tips to consider when growing these rewarding and ever lasting plants.

Organic Home Gardening – Getting Started With the Basics

Have you ever thought about gardening organically at home, but weren’t sure where to start? Many gardeners would love to garden without using chemicals and sprays, but worry that organic gardening is difficult and time consuming. Not so! It can be a straightforward and easy way to garden. And it’s also cheaper without all those chemicals and sprays to buy.

The Simple Steps to Organic Rose Gardening – Easily and Cheaply!

Most people think growing roses is difficult. Throw in the term ‘organic’, and they worry it’s impossible. This article takes you through the simple steps you need to follow to have success with organic rose growing. No jargon, just simple, easy to follow steps anyone can do at home.

Planning Your Organic Garden – Simple Steps to Growing Organics

Although not the most exciting part of gardening, taking some time to plan things out before you start planting is well worth the time. This article looks at the key elements of planning an organic garden- including a vegetable garden, the best place for your flower beds, and what to consider when looking at compost bins and worm farms!

Starting an Organic Vege Garden – An Introduction to the Main Vegetable Types

If you want an abundant, productive organic vege garden then it’s important to first understand a little about the different vegetable types, and the conditions in which they thrive. Vegetables tend to be grouped into 3 main categories: fruit and seed vegetables; leaf and stem vegetables, and root and bulb vegetables, depending on the part of the plant that is most commonly eaten.

An Introduction to Rose Garden Care – Easy Steps to a Beautiful, Fragrant Garden

There is no magic formula when it comes to rose care. Just a little knowledge and attention is all you need. This article gives a comprehensive overview of rose care and the main pointers you need to know in order to get started with your rose garden – successfully – first time!

Herb Garden Kits – The Surprising Tip to Start Herb Garden Plants on Overdrive

Have you noticed that there are always adventurous souls who go against the grain by embracing some low tech way of succeeding at something? I met someone like that who uses little beginner’s herb garden kits to start herb garden plants on a growth fast track, well before spring and normal herb garden planting begins. By the time she transplants the herbs, they already have a flying start on the growing season and her outdoor garden is always way ahead of everyone else’s in the neighborhood. Now yours can be too.

How to Provide an Ideal Environment For Your Garden Vegetables, Herbs, Exotics Flowers and Plants!

We can not control the weather when it comes to gardening, often we look for the ideal place to grow our plants, produce, herbs and prized flowers. What time in the season do we start to plant? What do I plant? What about pest, insects, chemicals, pesticides. We always think about these issues. The answer is we can build our own affordable and attractive greenhouse and eliminate most of these issues.

Herbs and Growing – 10 Tips to Easily Double The Size of Your Herb Garden

After spending just a few dollars for your initial purchase of some herbal seed packages or seedlings, is that it? “Gee,” you’re wondering, “is this going to take forever for me to have a real herb garden?” And the answer is, absolutely not. With these herbs and growing tips, you are going to take those first few plants and surprise the heck out of yourself (and your neighbors) by having tons of amazing herb garden plants in no time.

Need a Fresh Container Gardening Idea? Create a Container Garden With the Entire Family

Are you looking for a great weekend project the entire family can contribute to? Here’s an idea the entire family can enjoy. Create a family container garden.

Top Tips on Planning Your Organic Landscape

First of all, you’re going to have to take into consideration the state of your garden to begin with. If it’s smaller that will actually make things easier as there will be less to keep control of. In a big garden, not having enough plants can leave it looking bare and empty, but too many can lead to them fighting for sunlight and resources.

Keeping Cut Flowers Fresh

People love cut flowers. They look good, they smell good and they brighten up a room. But oftentimes, they wilt and die way before you are ready for the color to fade away. Proper care of your cut flowers will allow them to stay bright and beautiful for as long as possible.

Do You Understand Rose Color Meanings?

Considering the many colors of roses that are available nowadays, have you ever wondered what do rose colors mean to you? Sure there are set meanings for each color, but, just like art, what may be very appealing to one may be revolting to another. Different colors may mean different things to different cultures. Take for example the color white; it is a color of hope for some yet for the Chinese, it is a color for mourning in funerals.

Preparing Herb Garden Soil – Sowing the Seeds For Richer Herbs

Herbs are happy-go-lucky plants that are extremely accommodating with their basic needs. However, treating it right will yield amazing rewards. Preparing the best herb garden soil for growing herbs is one such step in the right direction.

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