Why Didn’t My Hydrangea Bloom?

Fertilizer For Orchids

The orchid doesn’t require as much fertilizer as many other common plants, and overfeeding with too much orchid fertilizer can actually result in the leaves and roots burning, making your plant sick, and maybe even killing it. While common sense may tell you that more fertilizer equal faster and better growth, this is actually not the case, especially with orchids.

Know the Orchid Types

There are many orchid types and this allows you to choose those that you find appealing for your event. They come in different sizes, colors, hybrids and species. You will find that they also grow in different regions with ranging climates.

Begonia Rex For Free – How to Increase Your Stock Year After Year

After a magnificent display of Begonia Rex it seems a great shame to throw them away at the end on the season. For at least the last sixteen years I have been saving the corms and replanting the following year for another great display, and here is how it is done. When the first frost has done its worst you should waste no more time and lift the corms.

How To Grow Beets In Your Garden!

When considering growing beets in your garden, be aware that beets need a lot of sunlight for optimal growth. You’ll want the sun to shine on your beets at least six hours a day. You can grow beets in the spring or the fall. Here’s how…

How To Grow Ginger Easily!

Growing ginger is not as hard as many might think. The biggest factor in growing a successful crop is being aware of the temperature of your location. Here’s how you can grow Ginger quickly and easily in your yard!

How To Grow Cabbages Easily!

Cabbages are annual plants that mature in about 90 days. These plants prefer well drained rich soil although you have to keep the plants wet when you water them. It may not be a really popular plant among many gardeners but those who love it would want to know how to grow cabbages will have to put in a little work so you can get a good harvest.

Why Your Yard Should Have a Greenhouse

Have you ever seen a greenhouse and wished you could purchase one and have a garden all year? Perhaps you have but just didn’t want to invest so much money into one. Good news is that you don’t have to purchase a full size greenhouse to utilize your gardening skills. There are a variety of mini greenhouses to choose from these day, here’s what’s available..

Five Steps To Planting The Perfect Grapes!

This article about essential steps for planting grapes. This article includes guidelines to planting the best grapevines possible.

Blight Control and Treatment

Blight; frequently the bane of farmers worldwide, it can cause wide spread damage and even death. Thankfully, there are effective ways of controlling it. It’s often possible to prevent blight infections. Choose healthy, more disease-resistant plants and monitor crops regularly. Ensure their growing conditions are not too crowded, humid or damp.

Nine Steps For Proper Pruning Of Grape Vines

This article shows you step by step how to maximize your grape production by learning when and how to prune your plants. March is the official start of your duties as a vineyard owner. Maintenance work, pest management and more. Here is a breakdown of the things that you have to take care of in March: 1. If you have installed the trellis system during the establishment period, it is time to look over at the wooden posts and high tensile wires to see if these are still fit to train and support growing vines.

How to Water Your Orchids Indoors

Watering orchids can be a tricky subject. How much should I water my orchids? How often? When should I water them? I’ll address some of these questions here and tell you how you can keep your orchids thriving.

Getting the LED Grow Lights for Better Value

With unexpected climatic changes, it is not easy to grow plants. But if you want to do it indoor, you may want to buy LED grow lights. Read on for more information.

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