Why I cut my seeds before I plant them

Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree

One of the best choices of trees for the beginning bonsai grower is the Chinese Elm Tree. This tree which is native to East Asia can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

Overcoming Cats in Garden Problems

Cats in garden areas can be a problem. In fact, it is often the number one source of tension between a gardener and a neighbouring cat owner. If it is your own cat that is causing problems in the garden, it’s relatively easy to restrict the movements of the cat. You can lock it indoors and monitor what it does when you let the cat out. However, if the animal belongs to a neighbour, or worse still, if it is a stray that no one seems to own, it can be difficult to discourage it.

Start Your Plants Now to Have an Early Start on Some Fresh Grown Goodies in Your Garden

Spring is approaching fast so many people are now wondering exactly how they should start their garden this year. It is important to plan ahead of time so that throughout the spring, summer, and fall you have a fruitful experience.

Install Sod For an Instant Lawn

Do you dream of having a lush green lawn, but haven’t gotten around to landscaping your lot yet? Why not transform your unfinished yard into a green and inviting lawn with nursery sod?

The Satisfaction and Simplicity of Vegetable Gardening at Home

There is little more satisfying than having vegetables growing in your back garden. Vegetable gardening is among the most productive, enjoyable, and fulfilling hobbies that a person can have. Not only does it get you outside in the sun, doing light exercise, you get the sense of satisfaction that comes with watching plants grow, while feeding yourself and your family with a constant supply fresh, healthy vegetables.

Garden Enhancing Techniques

You can decide the features your garden needs to have once you have decided on the type of plants you wish to plant in the garden. The look of the garden is very important and for doing this there are a number of garden enhancing techniques one can follow.

Case Tractors Review

There was no one who had ventured into manufacturing threshers and garden tractors, till JI Case entered the scene in the year 1842. It was in the year 1842 that a person called Jerome Increase Case started a company in Wisconsin, which is in the city of Rochester.

Basic Herb Supplies For Cooking

Using basic herbs in your cooking is sure to spice up the taste your food. If you are the type who loves being in the kitchen for longer periods then it is a good idea if you think of planting some herbs in your backyard or the garden. You can also plant some basic herbs near your kitchen window and then dry them of use later.

Gardening in Spring – 5 Top Tips

Gardening in spring is a universal pastime, though the season comes at different times, depending on which part of the country you are in. In general terms, the further north you live the longer you will have to wait for the signs of early spring and those warm temperate days of milder weather that herald the approach of a new part of the year. While we’re still not quite there, this is a great time to do some preparation in order to be fully ready when the time comes.

An Overview to Beautiful Red Roses

There are numerous types of red roses that are popular and famous. One great example is the Lancaster’s rose that was thought to be the first red rose that was cultivated.

How to Plant Potatoes – 4 Methods Every Gardener Should Know

First, to successfully grow potatoes you should choose a quality bulbs to plant. If you have some left from last harvest, pick the healthiest looking bulbs.

Indoor and Organic Gardening – Excellent Ideas How to Start It

Organic gardening is a hobby that can give you many benefits. A supply of chemical-free herbs for cooking, a detoxified air inside the house, added beauty and decor to your home, and significant reducer of stress level, these are all benefits of having an indoor organic gardening.

Re-Planting Pot-Bound As Well As Open-Rooted Plants

In the event that a recently purchased plant comes out of the pot very easily, plus isn’t root-bound – re-plant it as it is. Do not worry should some of the soil drops off. Should the potted plant be so newly potted-up, as to have not yet settled, you may find all of the soil falls away when you de-pot.

Re-Planting Potted Plants Into the Yard

Do your plants always drop dead after you have planted them out? Maybe you have missed a few of these planting tricks.

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