Why I Stopped Saving Seeds … but plan to start again

To Gravel or to Grass – Better Hurry As the Summer Is Almost Here

To plant grass in your garden or not to – that is the question. It seems to be quite a debate from the Zen of raking the pebbles to the feeling of fresh wet grass on your bare feet. This is the story of why people who are not gardeners by nature should not be expected to garden, buy it in if you can I say.

5 Step Plan to Growing a Thriving Vegetable Garden

As summer approaches, new and seasoned gardeners alike are planning strategies for bountiful gardens. Your local plant nursery or greenhouse is a good resource for information from how to grow heirloom tomatoes to ripe watermelons, so you’ll soon be enjoying fresh produce straight from your yard. Planting and caring for a thriving garden starts months before the actual harvest.

Tinkling on Tomatoes – Human Urine As a Fertilizer

Human Urine is actually an excellent fertilizer. It contains nearly all the necessary nutrients required by garden plants.

Organic Gardening – Tips For Summer Growing

Summer gardening can be one of the most enjoyable activities to do. If you don’t have a plan it can be a hot nightmare. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

Organic Fertilizer – Why It’s Accepted

Using organic fertilizers is a widely accepted practice in the agricultural industry. Organic Farmers use them to cultivate their field and row crops, winemakers utilize them for growing grapes, and horticulturists apply a liberal dose of these during the landscaping of their orchards or lawns.

What to Consider When Buying Water Fountains

A water fountain can be a pleasure to look at, listen to, and create a beautiful focal point. The sound of running water can bring peace, serenity, and tranquility any place that you choose to put one. Because of the wide variety of water fountains for sale, you can find one for just about any size of yard, deck, or patio that you may have.

Learn How the Pros Grow Asparagus

Asparagus is a perennial vegetable that is grown for its tender shoots, also known as spears. Asparagus can grow inside a home garden if the environment is friendly and care is given. When properly treated Asparagus will continue to produce for years.

Stop Squirrels From Eating The Tomatoes With This Simple Plastic Cage

How to quickly construct a simple plastic cage around tomato plants that keeps squirrels out, but allows you — the gardener — easy access to the plants inside by un-clamping and rolling up panels of plastic fencing… and the parts will store easily for use the next year!

Try a Pizza Garden

Pizza gardens are named not so much because they can be shaped like a pizza, but more so because all the ingredients you would need to make a great pizza pie are right there. A pizza garden can be round and divided into “slices” of varying vegetables and herbs, just like a real pizza, or they can be any shape your little heart desires. They can also be grown in a sun drenched location in containers on a patio, terrace or window box. Most plants used for pizza gardens require full sun, they are sun-lovers, so 6-8 hours of sunlight is best not only for a high yield but also for flavor.

Garden Maintenance in Spring – Get a Colourful Garden

Do you own a garden? Keep it in great shape with the maintenance services during the spring season. Hire an efficient maintenance expert who can turn your garden into a paradise.

Five Fall Gardening Projects That Take 15 Minutes or Less

Fall is a great time to winterize your home and prepare for winter. Here are some quick and effective ways that will make this task easier.

Soil To Grow Grass

Prepare your soil to grow grass. Mother Earth will require assistance in doing some house cleaning, nurturing, and feeding of the earth in order to have a beautiful carpet of grass to add finished beauty to your landscaping.

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