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Caring for Orchids – 3 Important Things You Need to Know for Success

Passion is a trait that you need to exhibit when you want to make sure that orchids stay healthy and robust. A little patience won’t hurt because the rewards are great and will make you forget all the sweat you incurred while taking care of your orchids. Now caring for orchids really is tough business and you need to couple your mental and emotional tenacity with some technical knowledge to ensure the longevity and survival of your orchid plants.

Hydroponic Tents

Have you tried growing hydroponically for unbeatably strong and healthy plants? From farmers to amateur home horticulturalists, the benefits of hydroponic growing are well recognised.

5 Simple Steps to Start a Flower Garden

Have you always wanted to be the envy of the neighborhood? The best way to get noticed is to have the most beautiful flower garden on your block. Follow these simple steps to get started on your very own flower garden.

Potting Orchids – Get to Know the Different Pots

Orchid growing is starting to become a popular hobby for a lot of people. Orchids have a different appeal as compared to regular houseplants. They offer a different kind of beauty and the flowers that bloom are exquisite. Of course, growing orchids is not exactly a walk in the park as it requires extensive knowledge on many aspects and requires a patience threshold that must go a mile. Once of the fundamentals that you need to master is potting orchids.

Grape Growing Information

Growing your own grapes can be a wonderful experience. Having the right information before you start is a key element in beginning your adventure. Here is a basic understanding of growing grapes.

5 Easy Steps for Rose Planting

Growing stunning roses starts with proper rose planting. You don’t really need to have a ‘green thumb’ or have master gardening skills to pull it off. This article will describe how you can get your new rose bush to a great start.

Extensive Green Roofs: A Popular Choice for Homeowners

Extensive green roofs are the most popular choice for many homeowners because of their light weight and low irrigation needs. Sedums, grasses, and other green roof plants can grow on them with a minimum of fuss, and with little need for maintenance.

Roof Garden Design 101

In the early 1800s, sod roofs were widespread in the US, and after a long hiatus, green roofs and rooftop gardens are making a comeback. This article outlines some of the top questions and answers around the benefits, drawbacks and installation and maintenance procedures for modern day living roofs.

Common Misconceptions About Green Roofs

While green roofs are becoming an increasingly attractive project for many homeowners, several common errors are frequently repeated in the media and elsewhere. This article addresses several common misstatements and errors about installing green roofs and rooftop gardens.

The Debate Over Green Roofs and Rainwater Runoff

The United States Environmental Protection Agency cites runoff water from storms to be a major contributor to pollution in our lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds.Β  In all areas, but primarily in cities, runoff carries pollutants to these waters, including chemicals, grease, and gasoline.Β  A green roof will process rainwater and use it to water the plants on the roof, thus depleting the amount of runoff.

Cabernet Sauvignon Grape Vine Growing

The Cabernet Sauvignon grape is grown in nearly every wine producing country. This grape produces the most widely recognized red wine in the world. The Cabernet Sauvignon grape vine is grown in all types of climates from Canada’s Okanagan Valley to Lebanon’s Baqaa Valley. During most of the 20th Century the grape was the most widely planted premium red wine grape until it was surpassed by Merlot in the 1990s.

Two Big Reasons Why Your Grocery Bill Is About To Skyrocket

Through the twin plagues of inflation and commodity futures, the cost of groceries at the story is about to explode. And the American middle class and their dwindling financial resources is in the crosshairs of both.

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