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Grow Organic Vegetables – Read This

You’ve likely heard the expression “If you fail to plan, then plan to fail” This really applies when you want to grow organic vegetables. As a matter of fact planning is the most important thing you have to do. You don’t want to do all this work and end up having to go back to the supermarket again for those pesticide laden fruits and vegetables. So let’s look at a plan for how to grow organic vegetables.

Self Sufficient Life

Any time most people hear the phrase “self sufficient,” some of us think of farmers and/or living out in the country with acres of property and practically nothing for miles. The truth is any person can enjoy a increased level of self sufficiency when living inside the city with just a modest plot of property. Should you be considering checking out a self sufficient life-style, the very first step could be the garden.

Get Into Worm Farming for a Profit

Have you ever tried using an organic fertilizer? If you’ve gotten used to the idea of using chemical fertilizers to help increase the yield of your crops, then you might as well try the better alternative. Natural fertilizers can either be in the form of composted leaves, days old animal manure, bone meal, or castings from worms.

Ox-Eye Daisies: Charming and Easy to Grow

Because they bloom so readily, daisies are a popular flower grown in the home garden today. They are easy to start from seed and will bloom their second summer after sowing.

Poppies Seeds – Fantastic White Poppy Varieties for Accents

Using white flowers in the garden is a perfect way to add some important drama and contrast in your garden. Used with a darker tone of planting, white plants can offer important accents to draw the eye from one place to another. Meanwhile, for showcasing vibrant and vivid colored plants, a palette of pale creams and whites is ideal as the perfect backdrop to make bright hues really pop.

Do-It-Yourself Homemade Organic Fertilizer

If you’re passionate about giving your garden the full growth that it deserves, then you must think about using nothing but natural supplements on them. Whether it’s for your soil or for your plants, the best way to improve your garden is to apply some organic lawn fertilizers on them. A homemade organic fertilizer is the best alternative to those that are chemical-based. You can be assured that the environment will not be harmed when you go organic.

Window Box Contest

I checked online and saw so many houses joining this flower box making contest. Everybody who won really deserved it. There are even wonderful and unique entries. I didn’t know that rails can be part of the design.

Orchid Growing Tips – Choosing, Watering, Repotting, Fertilizing and Maintenance Tips

Tips in each major area of orchid care. Learn how to choose the right orchid, water correctly, repot without causing harm and maintain your plant properly.

Extraordinary Flower Pots For Our Home Garden

Most flower pots nowadays are already made of durable materials such as fiberglass, metal, or PVC. These materials are ideal for outdoor planters so that they won’t easily get destroyed in case of increment weather or minor accidents.

Fighting Obesity Starts in the Vegetable Garden

There is no question obesity is a rising problem for many here in the United States. The United States Center for Disease Control rates obesity as a person having a body mass index of 30 or greater. The body mass index, or BMI for short, is calculated based on the person’s height and weight and provides a reasonable indication of body fat, which could lead to further health issues.

The Wine and Roses Weigela Is the Perfect Shrub for the New Gardener

The Wine and Roses Weigela is an easy-to-grow, gorgeous shrub. It makes few demands, produces beautiful pink blossoms, and even attracts hummingbirds.

Tips Tricks And Tales About Growing Tomatoes

Ah growing tomatoes one of those subjects that can lead to a rather robust if not exaggerated conversation filled with hyperbole and superlatives by those who fancy themselves hard core garden gurus. There are so many tricks and tips for the novice tomato grower to follow that it would probably take 5 lifetimes to try them all.

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