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Growing Tomatoes Seeds

This virus is spread by an insect called the western flower thrip. Difficult to control, thrips often thrive on weeds. So it’s a good practice to weed your garden regularly.

Keeping Your Garden Alive in a Hosepipe Ban

Once in a blue moon the UK gets weather so nice we can sit outside and enjoy our gardens, then we get hit with a pointless hosepipe ban which means our gardens go bare and die. We could go all gung-ho and flout the ban but that could land us in serious trouble with a hefty fine so we have no choice but to abide. We are forced to forget a few luxuries such as washing our cars, filling swimming pools or, as the name suggests, using a hosepipe.

Planning Your Organic Vegetable Garden – Part Two

Produce your own healthy, fresh organic vegetables today. Improve your prosperity, save money and insulate your family budget against price rises. Protect your pantry from vegetable shortages. Make a real contribution to improving our planet.

Radishes – A Great Addition For Your Garden

The lowly radish is one vegetable crop that is under-rated and under- appreciated. Radishes are hot and delicious and add a unique flavor to salads, sandwiches, pasta and more. Try to grow a few this spring. They are easy to grow and very versatile when added to your favorite recipes.

Tips For Growing With Fluorescent Lights

This article is about indoor gardening, and how to do it correctly. A few useful tips are provided in this article that will definitely help out new growers especially.

Grow Your Own Pharmacy

There are a number of vitamins and minerals we need on a daily basis to keep us healthy. Strictly speaking we should be able to get all we need from nature, but when you see those irresistible bottles and jars of ‘extra vitamin supplements, it’s almost criminal not to give them a try.

Grow Your Own Groceries

Wouldn’t it be great to avoid the weekly supermarket shopping nightmare from time to time? Think of all the petrol, cash and not least of all, the STRESS!

Growing Container Tomatoes For Newbies

Growing your own tomatoes is a very rewarding pastime and will greatly improve your kitchen menu. Many people think this is only an option for people with large gardens or vegetable patches. I’m here to tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong by showing you how growing container tomatoes is a solution to your space problems.

Going Green With Home Gardening

It would surprise you how little space is needed to reap great salads and vegetables from a home garden. You can dedicate one small corner with a shade cloth covering for your compost pile, adding leftovers, coffee grinds, chopped up banana peels, manure, raked up leaves, and such to the soil to decompose and add richness.

Five Popular Garden Tools to Care For Your Garden

Many people maintain their own garden nowadays, whether big or small. In order to retain the beauty and grace of the garden, it needs to be maintained regularly.

Climate Zones For Turfgrass Adaptation

Climate zones for turfgrass adaptation are different from plant hardiness climate zones. Turfgrass climate zones are based on Temperature/Humidity variations. There are four primary zones in the U.S. plus an additional zone for a more difficult area. Read this article to see how the zones are structured.

Suggestions For Ways to Prevent Severe Backaches During the Summer

Early this morning while I was admiring my handiwork and patting myself on the back for the fine job I had done, I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before, little green sprouts, millions of them. They were everywhere…in-between the rocks in the walk way, between every flower I had planted. Could these be flowers seeds that the some grand garden genie had planted during the night to make my garden even more beautiful?

When Should Your Tree Be Removed?

Having a tree specialist look over your tree to determine whether it should be removed or not is critical. Determining the risk factors before a potential hazardous event occurring is only beneficial to a property owner.

Different Soils and Features Explained For Your Home Gardening

The very first thing that flashes across our mind of someone doing gardening work is usually someone who has a lot of spare time and has got nothing else to do. However, that statement is becoming more and more untrue because many have found ways to turn their gardening hobby into an additional income stream, not to mention that many would be proud of their own lawn!

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