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How You Can Grow Coriander

Coriander is a very good choice if you would like growing kitchen herbs. Especially if you like cooking Asian dishes as it is an integral part of Thai, Indian and Chinese cuisine. Coriander finds several uses as both its leaves as well as the seeds have a pleasant taste and can be used to enhance your recipes.

Making a Rose Hedge

Many people want to grow rose hedges because of many different reasons. A hedge made from wild roses will eventually become dense and impenetrable. It has the added advantage of attracting birds, as it provides a nesting place that’s reasonably safe from cats and other predators.

Shrubs and Conifers Grown With Roses

If you’re planning to combine shrubs or conifers with your roses in your garden, here are some great tips for you. I’ve come across this advice from my experience in the garden and they should work for you too! Shrubs for interplanting with roses: These should be planned so that they bridge gaps in the year when the roses are not in flower, and set the roses off to best effect when they are.

Complementing Your Roses With Other Flowers

Roses really do need to be grown in combination with other plants. As well as creating a look that’s far more natural than a formal rose bed, companion planting helps to keep roses healthier.

Container Grown Roses and Miniature Roses

If you buy container-grown roses, they don’t always have to be transplanted into open ground. One alternative is simply to place the pots inside a larger ceramic container, give them plenty of sun and water and feed them with a liquid fertilizer until early autumn.

Finding the Perfect Variety of Flowers For Your Garden

In a larger front garden with more than one rose bed, plant one variety in each bed; otherwise the result will be an unattractive medley of colors. More tips within the article!

How to Plan a Garden

Starting to think about designing a garden doesn’t have to be expensive, you can simply use pen and paper to draw out where you want different features to be. The difficult part comes in trying to translate your garden plan into an actual garden. The more you plan the garden the more likely you are to be able to do this so it is vital to make sure your drawing has as much information in it is possible.

Rose Feeding and Companion Plants

Sometimes, no matter how well you feed and water your roses, they may grow and flower badly even though there is no sign of any pests or fungal diseases. It also has to do a lot with its companion plants.

Contrasting Your Roses With a Variety of Flowers

Here are several types of flowers that can contrast your collection of roses in your garden. Sweet alyssums, bulbs, annuals and perennials, hybrid teas and floribundas. Read this article to find specific tips on each.

Harvesting Herbs to Keep Them Vibrant

When you start an herb garden you slowly learn the secrets of the plants and it becomes clear what you should do to keep them growing well and healthy. Harvesting which may also be considered as a form of pruning is a very important aspect to do regularly for the good growth of your herbs. You may not want to use an herb immediately but it is essential to prune it to keep new growth active and allow the plant to achieve its complete height and spread.

Planting Your Vegetable Garden Using Companion Planting

It is reasonable to think that you could have more success planting and growing your vegetables amongst their friends. But the big question is how do you know what plants likes what plant?

A Rewarding Experience – Growing Herbs in Pots

Herbs are such a one size fits all type of plant. They can be grown indoors or out, in pots or boxes, large or small. Herbs are really pretty and functional when they are grown in window boxes or from hanging baskets. And never fear, growing herbs in pots is not any harder than if you were to grow them in a large garden outside. Basically, the same love and attention you give to your plants outside will be needed when you are growing herbs in pots. The hardest thing you will have to decide is how many should you grow!

Grow Your Own Herbs Indoors – The Rules You Must Follow

Herbs have many health and medicinal benefits. Not only are they useful for flavor, color and garnish but they can also alleviate numerous common aliments! With that in mind let us take a look at some of the rules you should follow to grow your own herbs.

Growing Herbs in Pots – How to Get the Best Results From Growing Herbs in Pots

The main advantages of growing herbs in pots are that they are available fresh for use all year round; they also provide convenient access when cooking. Since they are in pots they are portable, they also add decoration to the home.

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