Worm Composting…Underground?! Subpod Review

How to Get Started With Container Gardening

If gardening is one of your hobbies but you never seem to have enough space for it, do not despair because there is an option that can help you out. Container gardening is a great way to enjoy gardening, as it allows you to use space that is inside your home such as a window or even outdoors such as patios and balconies.

Dandelion Weed Killer

For all the time and effort people spend on their lawns during the growing season, it is the dandelion which seems to be one of the most frustrating weeds to eradicate. This is especially true when the neighbors have little interest in controlling dandelion growth and seeding on their property.

Clover Weed Killer

When clovers take over a garden, they tend to do just that. Some might agree that although they are one of the more better looking pesky plants, they still pose a huge problem in a lot of extra moist soils. They spread like a disease, rapidly. When you look into finally doing something about it, there re few choices you can make based on your situation.

Save Water With an Artificial Lawn

One of the biggest advantages to installing an artificial lawn is the water savings. In the desert Southwest, where extreme heat and drought are common, saving water is of utmost importance.

Weed Killer Chemicals

Although there area a great variety of brand names for weed killers, the actual number of active chemicals used to produce these products is about 5. Most of these can be classified as a broadleaf herbicide, meaning that is will kill off plants that have a larger than average foliage component. Normally this would exclude grass, but on some occasions, manufacturers will add another component to the mixture, making it lethal to this substance as well.

Organic Weed Killers

Many weed killers labeled as organic contain sodium chloride, which is just plain table salt. What a lot of people don’t know is that too much salt is actually poisonous so while it may be organic using too much could possibly do more harm than using a synthetic herbicide. The other main active ingredient in organic weed control products is concentrated vinegar, usually 10% to 30%.

The Many Forms of Natural Weed Killers

There are many people in the world that believe weeds are only killed properly by noxious chemicals that pollute the air and possibly even the ground water in the area. Only these super potent death dealers can rid them of their weed problem. The truth is that some of the most effective killers of this unwanted plant life are entirely organic, biodegrade quickly, and destroy weeds fast.

Non-Toxic Weed Killer

For anybody who has done any gardening they know the difficulty of keeping a good garden free of weeds is an ongoing task that seems to never end. It is like the legendary monster whose head gets cut of and as soon as that happens another one pops up.

Glyphosate Weed Killer

A weed is a plant that gives no value at all where it is growing and is a rapidly growing plant; the majority will overgrow or choke out more desirable plants. There are so many ways to kill weeds but many gardeners would like to do the easiest way to get rid of them. Glyphosate is the active chemical in several of the most popular weed killers.

Organic in the Garden – Growing Carrots in Your Home Garden

Carrots are amongst the most popular vegetables to grow in the organic home vegetable garden. Carrots are perhaps so popular because of how easy they are to grow and the versatility they provide in the kitchen. Carrots can be used for Juicing, Boiling, Steaming, In Casseroles, Stews and Soups, Grated in Cakes, rissoles, on sandwiches, in salads or simply on their own as delicious carrot sticks…

How to Be a Good Gardener

For centuries, people took advantage of the land’s fertility to grow different crops. In time a great cultivation has developed. Gardening itself still remains a pleasant home activity.

Reasons to Think About Using Solar Powered Garden Lighting

When adding light to your garden design, there are many reasons to consider using solar powered lights. This article discusses some of these benefits.

Soil Improvers, Fertilisers and Fertilising Your Plants For Optimum Plant Growth

Fertilising your plants is necessary for good, healthy growth, but with so many fertilisers on the market it can be pretty confusing to know which to choose. Below I have outlined the essential nutrients plants need to grow, with an overview on organic fertilisers, soil improvers, compost, mulch, manures & chemical fertilisers.

How to Grow Tomatoes in the Winter

You are probably reading this article because you highly doubt that you can grow tomatoes in the winter and that only the large companies can afford to do this. I am here to tell you that you can really can grow tomatoes in the winter and no you do not have to live in the south. You do not need all the equipment that the companies use to keep their plants healthy during the cold season. As long as you provide your plants with an environment that is conducive to their growth then you can plant them at any time of year.

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