You’re probably storing tomatoes wrong

Jobs in the Greenhouse, in the Vegetable Patch and Amongst Your Fruit in Mid October

It is time to bring in the first batch of freesias, placing them on a shelf near the roof in a cool greenhouse. Any forcing heat will result in poor stems and flowers. Stake early and support the plant with an encircling tie of raffia.

Garden Features – Containers

Water barrels, pots, urns, tubs, baths, vases, and so on, whether self-contained units or linked to a larger pond, really add a different dimension to the garden. Any container that can hold water is a potential above-ground pond but it should, of course, be ornamental and decorative. These containers can be placed almost anywhere in the garden but, because they are small in comparison with a whole pond, it makes sense to site them near a sitting area, or where people will spend an amount of time: on a patio, path, or close to house windows would be suitable…

How to Design a Garden – Vegetable

When starting a vegetable garden, there are a few things to consider before you start to plant. This will insure a bountiful harvest.

Do I Need Garden Planning Permission For My Project?

Many of us think that if we own property that we can or should be able to do whatever we want with it. Unfortunately, this is not true and there are some things that require us to seek special permission for. Whether you are building a shed, adding an extension, or constructing a new fence, you may need garden planning permission.

Jobs in the Mid October Autumnal Garden

You may think that things will let up a bit now the autumn is here, even farmers go shooting, but you still have jobs to do, preparing for next year, and continuing the never ending job of tidying up. Sweet peas should be sown now for early flowering, because January-sowing is often too late for the early flower show. A nicely moist compost of four parts made up of clean top soil, one part leaf-mould or peat, and one part of sharp sand, suits them well, especially if sown in peat blocks.

Building a Japanese Garden – Some Important Tips

Gardens and plants in a house give the owner and others a feel of relaxation and bring peace and harmony at the same time as well. A garden which not only looks beautiful but even smells beautiful brings a soothing sense of living and brings serenity to the house you are living in. Water gardens of Japanese are renowned for their look and beauty which they bring to the area where they are designed and planted.

The Wonder of Worm Farms

Who would ever think that a bunch of kitchen leftover and garbage could occur to be something productive and of assistance- this is where the wonder of worm farms enters. Surprisingly, worm farms are a fantastic way of turning leftover kitchen scraps into rich yet affordable and highly-potent organic fertilizer. This is especially true if you happen to reside in a small apartment where it is possible to create your own worm farm right smack in your balcony, porch or small yard, since all that is required is a cool and well shaded spot.

How to Add a Little Light to Your Garden at Night Without Increasing Your Electricity Bill

Adding beauty to your garden at night can be accomplished with well placed spot lights or garden lights around your garden, and what better way than green energy powered by the sun with solar powered garden lights. This will help you appreciate all the hard work, time and money that you have invested in your garden while looking at the stars or having a few drinks with your family and friends in your back yard or patio.

Choosing the Right Composter

Many environmentally conscious people want to re-use as much of their waste as possible these days. Composting is a great way to do this. This article will outline some tips to help you get started.

Peach Tree Container Growing

Peach tree container growing has the advantage of being mobile and to be brought indoors away from freezing temperatures. Dwarf peach trees grown in a container also produce fruit sooner than in ground fruit trees.

Growing Roses in Pots

You live in an apartment but you don’t care, you still want your own personal rose garden. Or you live in a house but you don’t like going out into the elements to tend to your roses. Well in both cases the solution of course is growing roses in pots.

Growing Roses Indoors

You like roses, you love roses. You love having them, you love the reactions you get when you give them away and you love the way they beautify your home. You even like the idea of growing your own roses but the idea of putting on raggedy clothes, gardening gloves going out in the elements and getting dirt all over you to tend for your roses is a real turn off to you.

Rose Bushes Grown Indoors

Rose bushes grown indoors give us the opportunity of having beautiful roses during the cold, bitter months of winter. We can grow rose bushes indoors all year long or gradually plant them in the garden in the spring.

A Step by Step Rose Planting Guide

Rose planting can be a luxurious activity. You want to enjoy the fruits of your labor every time you look at them…and especially when you receive a compliment on how healthy your roses look.

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