Zinnias: The Perfect Flower to Grow in Your Garden?

Taking Care of Bonsai Plants

One of the most common misunderstandings about bonsai is that they need to be grown inside. With the exception of tropicals and sub-tropicals, all bonsai plants should be grown out of the home. They can be successfully trained and grown inside year round.

A Bit About Landscape Design

Landscape design is similar to landscape architecture. It focuses more on the artistic merits of design, while Landscape Architecture encompasses the artistic design as well as structural engineering. Landscape design and Landscape Architecture, both take into account soils, drainage, climate and other issues, because the survival of selected plants depends on those.

Relax With Lavender Grown at Home

How to grow lavender at home. Do you know how to make lavender oil? What do I do with dried lavender?

Top 8 Reasons to Plant Trees Around Your Home

Many people are advocates of tree planting. It is because they have realized how important it is to plant trees. Their existence has given tons of environmental benefits. Aside from that, it has also contributed to the wellness of mankind.

Landscaping For Beauty and the Environment – Part One

I am writing a series of articles that can assist those who want both an environmentally friendly garden and a beautiful one – but who also need some ideas. This is the first of a series of articles on garden design and landscaping, and later, will be followed by some articles on the practical: the growing of garden plants, vegetables and herbs.

Italian Herb Garden Theme

Theming your herb garden can be fun. An Italian herb garden provides the opportunity to explore a very popular ethnic cuisine with the added bonus of having your very own fresh herbs.

How to Build Your Own Greenhouse – Water Me, Heat Me, and I’ll Love You Forever

You’re in the process of learning how to build your own greenhouse and you can already hear your plants saying, “Water me. Heat me. And I’ll love you forever!” You need to create a warm, cozy growing environment and give your plants the right amount of water at the right time to maximize their growth. Here are some important considerations for incorporating water, heat, and ventilation elements into your greenhouse building plans.

How to Grow Grapes Easily

Mastering how to grow grapes is not as difficult as it may appear to be. What you simply need is a little skill and some patience. Well, patience is a thing you regardless of what you grow. In addition to that you need is a simple do-it-yourself guide to follow and there are many books, e-books, audio books, etc. available.

Black Flowers 101

Black flowers are the most unusual and unique flowers you can find. They are mysterious and they always bring a touch of fantasy into a bouquet. The following article will help you understand the meanings of the black flowers and by the end of this page you will know when, how and on which occasion you should use them!

Brown Flowers 101

Brown flowers are warm flowers that are associated with nature. The following article will let you know what are the meanings of the brown color, what brown flowers represent and how they are used in arrangements.

Organic Gardening – Look Inside to Discover a Little Secret

There maybe only one slight differentiation between organic gardening and standard gardening. Anyway, the fact is that you still have to plan your garden and then execute the plan, not considering the sort of garden you are planting.

Important Things When Growing Herbs in Pots

Even though you have available space to grow herbs in your garden, sometimes there are many considerable reasons that come up when it comes to growing herbs in pots. There are lots of ways on how to grow your desired herbs but to others, growing them in pots is the only option. But generally, growing herbs in pots is the ideal one.

Top Tips on Starting Your Own Herb Garden

You can start herb garden of your own if you have the fascination for growing herbs. Just bear in mind some simple things when planting your herbs outdoors. Begin with finding the right spot for the plants. Herbs like basil, chives, dill, oregano, rosemary, tarragon and thyme are the types, which love sunlight, so bring them out where they can receive 10-12 hours of sun everyday. On the other hand, plant chervil, lemon balm and mint where there is partial shade, as full sunlight may be too strong for them.

Save Money by Planting a Garden

During the spring and summer months gardening is a part of life for those of us who don’t mind getting a little dirty in order to have fresh veggies and fruit. I grew up having a large garden and spending the late summer canning and freezing the fruits of our labor to get through the winter months.

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